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Welcome, new and old members of the CS10 Family!!
New lab assistants need to sign up with the Head TA

(Newly-announced dates and locations for activities will appear here as they are coordinated, so you should bookmark this page)


Welcome CS10 Family (or soon to be CS10 Family)! Let us begin by saying how excited we are to have to with us as we take this journey to make computer science available and accessible to all. Whatever your major or year, we are glad to have you as part of the family and look forward to a fun and exciting semester with you as we bring the Beauty and Joy of Computing to the campus and world!

To get on the mailing list and be included in CS10 emails, please fill out this form. If you wish to be removed at any point please just shoot an email to the Head TA who will be more than happy to help.

Upcoming Dates

Here are some important dates to know coming up for the upcoming semester.

TBA First Staff (TAs + TAs-in-training) Meeting
TBA CS10 Welcome Party
TBA CS10 Family Party
TBA Lab Assistant Gathering 1: Orientation and What to do in Lab
TBA Reader Gathering 1: Orientation, HWs, Quizzes
TBA Content Developer Gathering 1: Orientation, Beginning Content Projects
TBA Quest Grading Party
TBA Staff Photos
TBA Lab Assistant Gathering 2: How to Answer Questions, Getting to Know the Students and Other LAs
TBA Reader Gathering 2: Projects, Late Days
TBA Content Developer Gathering 2: New Content Projects
TBA Midterm Grading Party
TBA Lab Assistant Gathering 3: Teaching a Discussion, Tips, Positions and Ideas for the Future
TBA Reader Gathering 3: Blog Posts, Final Project
TBA Content Developer Gathering 3: Ending Projects
TBA Final Grading Party
More Coming Soon

Our Mission

Locally, provide an incredible experience for our students, and globally, bringing CS10 to the World!

Where do you fit in?

As you can imagine, a class like CS10 take a lot of dedication and passion to make it the best course on campus (and hopefully soon, the whole world). As such, we need people like you, the stars of your class, strong, smart, leadership prone individuals who want to help others learn about the value of computer science to everyone in every field.

Often these individuals start as Lab Assistants getting units by regularly attending a scheduled lab and helping students with their in lab questions. During this time they can learn about the CS10 Family experience and they can also join the TAiT program (TA in Training) where they can shadow a TA and learn what kind of duties a TA holds, some tips for teaching, and more advanced ideas about CS. Following this students can continue lab assisting or become a Reader or a Content Developer, grading or making course materials respectively. These paid positions help individuals learn the underworkings of CS10 and more or the technical details of how a course like this strives to make CS education open to all. Finally, individuals can advance into be a TA as positions open and based on evaluations. They are required to take a CS How-to-be-a-great-TA course (CS 301), and learn responsibility for their students as well as public speaking and improving the experience for students in discussions and labs. They also learn to handle course organization and management duties expected of TAs at staff meetings and the like.

Together, we can make an incredible experience for the next generation of CS10 students!