Instructions for Xilinx Foundation installation

from Mike Lowey

  1. There is a problem installing the version that we are using this semester on Pentium 4 computers. It has to do with a Java incompatibility that is addressed here. It requires copying the installation CD to the hard drive and then replacing the Java files with new ones downloaded from here. The students would then run the installation from the modified local copy. I have downloaded the file (approx 5 Megs) and saved the instructions to a file in the CS150-TA shared directory called "P4Xilinx_Install".

  2. There are no upgrades paths available to the students through Xilinx from their free packages.

  3. When installing the software the students will be asked to register the software and the process will also generate a local license for them. They should follow the Internet registration option and register as a new user (with their own name and the serial number provided on the package) when they get to the site. Their license will be sent to them by email.

  4. The students CANNOT use the normal Xilinx Tech support where you call or email an actual Xilinx technician. There is another site that they can go to though This is a Xilinx educational program site and is staffed by two grad students who are able to give technical help to students. Students can also contact me about installation questions but I would prefer not to get "how do I make a macro" everyday use questions.

  5. I have copied the service packs into the shared directory as well. There are two folders (SP7 and SP8). They are each about 100Megs. Students could use the Zip drives to grab them. I am also able to log in to from home. If the students had a fast enough connection, they could get the service packs that way as well. It is possible that they don't need them, but I always use them. If they are going to use them then they have to install SP7 BEFORE SP8 or some of the Verilog features won't work (see here).

  6. Additional info: doc, pdf

From Gabriel's email:

Product ID: DFE289316455

I tried it today and it worked. The installation process is very long. It
starts going to:

NOTE: if the browser does not launch automatically, just go to this
url and register.

You have to create a profile before you can register the software. You
have to enter the machine name, hard drive number, etc. Then they email
you the code to start the installation. Finally (hundreds of Megs after)
the email you the license.dat file, which you must copy somewhere to your
hard disk and set some environment variable to point to it.

And you are almost done. Mike says that they should download the service
packages 7 and 8, which are in the Shared directory. I haven't tried that
but it should be straight forward.