EECS 150 
Fall 2003

Welcome to the EECS150 class homepage. Course information, class notes, homework assignments, and lab handouts will all be posted on this web page.

For announcements and notices, make sure to check the class newsgroup: ucb.class.cs150


Final Exam Thursday Dec. 11, 2003 in 10 Evans. 1230-330 pm. Closed book, closed notes, no calculators.


Office hours before final exam:
Prof. Fearing: Mon 1-2, Tues 330-430, Thurs 10-11 am, 265M Cory.
Zhengya: Tues 10-11 am
Aaron: Tues 12-1
Alex: Mon 2-3, Wed 4-5
Greg: Tue 12-2, Thurs 9-11
Mustafa: Wed. 11-12
Andrew: Mon 1-2 pm

Old announcements

Course Information

Labs are held in 125 Cory Hall. The first lab lecture is on August 29. Labs start Sept 1.
Lab turn-in policy

Problem sets will be due at 10 a.m. Friday in the box outside 125 Cory Hall. Homework handed in after Friday at 10 a.m. but before 5 p.m. on Monday will receive half credit.

Homeworks are stored as postscript files. These can be saved to disk and printed or viewed with a utility such as ghostview. (To use ghostview type "ghostview FILENAME" from the UNIX prompt. For PCs, download a utility like gsview.)