So there will be as little confusion as possible please read these directions for early checkoff. If there are any questions, please post them to the newsgroup.

Early project checkoffs must be done in your lab section and by appointment with your TA. Sign up for demo slots this week in during TA office hours. The list will be processed in the order that you sign up for checkoff, so you'll have to stay for the whole lab. You'll need to get checked off during the lab, however. For example, for Monday 9-12 section, demo completed project by 12 pm, Mon. Nov. 17.

You will need the following things:

  1. A hard copy of your schematics (that we keep)
  2. A floppy disk (that we keep) containing:
    1. All schematics and symbols (keep them in directories called sch and sym, respectively)
    2. A README file so we know which schematic to compile
    3. Working .BIT file
    4. .EDN file
    5. command files that you used for testing
  3. Your working hardware

At the time of your demo, you will turn in hard copy of schematics and floppy disk of files listed above. This is the design handoff to the customer. The demo will not be accepted without simultaneously providing schematic hard copies and floppy disk of files.

What we will do during the demo is compile your design using the files you provide on the floppy disk. While it's compiling we'll ask you to talk about your project and ask some question using the hard copy of the schematics that your bring. When the compile is done you'll need to show that the compiled .BIT file works by running some tests.

Because time during lab for checkoff is limited, please make sure that you include all the files that you need on the floppy disk. You won't be penalized if you try to do the early checkoff and it doesn't work. You can still demo the project the following week for normal full credit. However, please don't sign up for an early demo unless you're reasonably sure that your project works. There won't be second chances for early checkoff.