Notes on Optical Flow Project


Moini, A.; Bouzerdoum, A.; Eshraghian, K.; Yakovleff, A.; and others.
An insect vision-based motion detection chip.
IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, Feb. 1997, vol.32, (no.2):279-84.

This is on-line through the Melvyl Image server:
Yakovleff, A.; Moini, A.; Bouzerdoum, A.; Nguyen, X.T.; and others.
A micro-sensor based on insect vision.
Proceedings. 1993 Computer Architectures for Machine Perception.
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Data Sheets

Harris Semiconductor 8 bit 20 MSPS Flash A/D (Please see pages 2 and 5).
National LM1881 Sync Separator

The following 2 figures show the details of timing near the Vertical Synchronization interval. (From the National LM1881 Data Sheet).
Connection diagram and basic timing signals:

Detailed timing during vertical retrace interval. Note that vertical blanking is 21 horizontal lines. Also note that the first 9 lines have ``equalizing pulses'' every 31.8 microseconds. Hence, you will have more about 23 edges to count after the vertical sync output goes low before the top line begins.