EECS 150
Fall 1998

[new]11/11 Sample output of optical flow algorithm

[new]11/11 Midterm 2 stats: Mean 58, Std. Dev. 14

[new]11/11 Problem Set 11, due 11/20.

[new]10/30 Solution Set 10 (in postscript).

[new]11/01 Debugging Handout(in postscript)

[new]10/30 Solution Set 8 (Word format).

[new]10/28 Another handout on Optical Flow and Lab Sitter Assignments

[new]10/28 This year's Checkpoint 2, and Problem Set 10.

[new]10/22 Test data to test your Optical Flow Algorithm

[new]10/21 Last year's Checkpoint 2, This year's new schematic, Problem Set 9, and Solution Set 7, and

[new]10/16 Checkpoint 1 and Dave's lecture notes are now available.

[new]10/15 Problem Set 8 and Solution Set 6 are now available. CLB counts of various blocks

[new]10/12 Office hour change for the readers. It is now Thursday 11:30 - 12pm.

[new]10/07 Lab 7 now available.

[new]10/07 Problem Set 7 and pictures for Problem 4 are now available.

[new]10/06 You and your lab partner need to obtain a Xilinx board. Please make out a check to 'UC Regents' for $200 dated Dec 1, 1998 and pick up your board during your lab section or TA OH.

[new]10/05 Lab 6 is now available in Word.

[new]09/25 Problem Set 6 is now available.

[new]09/25 Lab 5 and Solution Set 4 are now available.

[new]09/20 Problem Set 5, Solution Set 3, and Old Quiz 1 are now available.

[new]09/20 Homework is now due on Friday at 10am.

[new]09/18 Lab 4 now available.
Michael has changed his office hours from M 4-5 to Th 3:30-4:30. All his office hours are in 204B cory now.

[new]09/16 Problem Set 4 and Solution Set 2 available.

[new]09/03 Lab 2 is now available.

[new]09/01 Problem Set 2 was handed out.

[new]08/31 Added office hours for the readers, Alex and Meg.

[new]08/31 For useful notes on the labs, please check Nadeem's Notes

[new]08/26 Lab section enrollments have been posted outside 204B Cory. If you have any questions or changes, please email me, Gabe.

[new]08/26 Note: the point in problems 1b and 1d separate the whole numbers from the fractions. It is NOT a multiplication sign.

[new]08/25 First day of class. The course syllabus, enrollment petition, and Problem Set 1 were handed out.