Labs should be completed before attending lab section. Computers in 123 Cory will be available with cardkey access for you to use. During the lab hours, TA's will help with problems and check off labs. If you don't get checked off during your assigned lab time, you can get checked off during the TA's or professor's office hours in 204B Cory. Don't go to another lab section because all the labs are very full.

Labs must be checked off by Friday at 5 p.m. one week after it is presented in lab lecture for full credit. (So lab 1 will be due on Sept. 3rd.) After that, half credit will be assigned for getting checked off up one week late.

Since Monday is Labor Day, the people with Monday lab will have slightly different due dates.

This schedule will put the Monday lab people on track with everyone else by the end of lab 3. The late due date for the Monday people is one week after the time posted above.

  1. students will work in groups of two for the first 7 labs. Your partner can be anyone from your assigned lab section, and can change from week to week.

    NOTE: No exceptions. A grade of zero will be assigned to a partner who is not assigned to that lab section.

  2. For the final project, you will need to have a fixed partner from your lab section.
  3. If you want to change lab sections, you need to find someone who can swap with you. The head TA (gmoy@eecs) is responsible for all lab section changes.
  4. The 204B lab is only open during lab sessions and TA office hours. It is reserved at other times for TA/staff maintenance and development. For your convenience, 123 Cory is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.