Lab Sitter Application

We are looking for approximately ten groups for the position of lab sitter. Each lab sitter group will responsible for a two hour shift every week from October 29, 1999 until the end of the project. They will keep the lab (204B Cory) open for fellow students to use and enforce the rules of the lab. You will receive cardkey access to 204B Cory.

If you are in the lab, you should have the lab should be open for everybody to use. The perk in being a lab sitter is that you will get to use the 'TA' workstation during your shift, so you will not have to wait for a lab station. If you are in the lab during another lab sitters assigned time, that lab sitter has the TA station. There will be spot checks to see that everything is running smoothly.

Lab sitters are a great help to all the students in the course, especially now that the project has started. There are 30 stations in 123 Cory and 16 in 204B Cory. There are over 100 groups working on projects.

Rules and responsibilities of a lab sitter:

Please send email to Gabe with the following information: Lab sitter positions will be announced by Thursday, October 28th.