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Old Announcements

A new paper on RAID has been posted on the resources page.


Small update to Lab 4, fixing a bug in the Boot ROM. Also, the web calendar now shows the new deadline for the Lab 3 final project document (Tuesday 10/26, 11:59 PM) and the correct deadline for the revised Lab 4 design document (Monday 11/1 at 11:59 PM).


Lab 4 is ready. Note that some of the M:\lab4 files mentioned in the writeup are not yet in the M:\lab4 directory -- we'll post on the newsgroup when they are ready. You should be able to start your preliminary design document without those files.


Homework #3 is now due Tuesday, October 26, at 5PM, in the HW boxes in 283 Soda. Also, PDFs for Cache II lecture now online.


PDFs for Cache I lecture now online. Also, note that the 10/15 Lab checkoff has been relaxed to be "best effort" in nature -- your group will show your TAs your progress, but you will not be penalized for falling short of the goal.


Homework 3 is out! Note that Homework 3 is due Tuesday 10/26, no later than 5 PM, in the HW boxes in 283 Soda.


The first midterm is on Tuesday Oct 12, 2004 in 101 Morgan from 5:30pm to 8:30pm. There will be a review session on Sunday Oct 10, 2004 in 306 Soda at 7pm. To help you prepare for the review session and the midterm, we have posted a sample midterm on the resources page (pdf).


Revised the addenda to Lab 3 -- the final due date has been extended by one week (to 10/25), and a second processor demo checkoff has been added. The revision clarifies the demo checkoff requirements.


Glookup has been setup and scores will be entered soon. Use the WebGrades link to check.


Time to start work on HW 2! It's due Weds 9/29, no later than 5 PM in the HW boxes in 283 Soda.


Posted an addenda to Lab 2 -- datapath assembly must be done using schematics, not hand-edited Verilog. See the new Document History section of the lab for details.


Final lecture notes for 9/14 have been posted. Apple Keynote files for JPL lectures have also been posted.


Go to a cardkey desk (387 Soda, 253 Cory) to update your card for access to Cory 125. See posting on the class usenet group for details.


Lab 2 is now up!


Lecture notes (PDF and Powerpoint) for 9/7 and 9/9 have been posted.


Added COD Appendix B to the reading list for Tuesday 9/14 lecture. This material will be particularly useful for the single-cycle processor lectures that start Thursday 9/16.


Homework 1 went up last night. It's due 9/15. Our goal for homeworks is to have a small number of hard problems that are good practice for the mid-term. Get started early, late homeworks will not be accepted!


Don't forget to print out a copy of the survey and fill it out (the photo is the most important part!). It's due Tuesday 9/7 in class. Photos make it easier for us to call on you in class by name.


We've adjusted the first month of the course, to reflect that most students have taken 61(c) but not 150. We encourage everyone (61(c) and 150 alumni alike) to stay in the course, and participate in a great learning experience!

Here are the details. For the first three Fridays (9/3, 9/10, 9/17), "Mini-Labs" will be held during discussion hours (12-2 and 2-4) in 119 Cory. Section will begin with TAs doing a projected demo of 150 topics. Hands-on instruction at the workstations will follow.

Download the materials for Friday's Mini-Lab here. A pre-lab (a brief written exercise, see first page of the download) is due at the start of section. We expect students will be able to complete the Mini-Lab during the discussion section period, or perhaps after a few extra hours of lab time.

Note that Mini-Labs are distinct from the original labs. Lab 1 (the MIPS/SPIM lab) is still due 9/13. However, we have decided to allot an extra week for Lab 2 (the first hardware lab) as shown below.

Oh, there's one more thing: we dropped the prerequisite quiz!


Lab 1 is now up. It's due 9/13, but get started early! In particular, you should get down to 119 Cory and log in soon, to make sure your account really works.


Like all EECS courses, CS 152 follows the EECS Departmental Policy on Academic Dishonesty. Please follow the link and become aware of our expectations.


Please print out a copy of the survey and bring it to class the first day (the photo is the most important part -- don't forget!). The survey was updated on Monday August 30th, 10 AM -- if you picked up an earlier version, discard it and fill out this version. Page 1 hasn't changed, so if you already glued your photo onto it just replace pages 2-4 with the new version.

8-16-2004 Welcome!

Welcome to the news page for Fall 04, CS 152. Please print out a copy of the survey and bring it to class the first day (the photo is the most important part -- don't forget!). [Survey updated August 30th -- be sure to hand in the revised version!].


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