Assignment: Final Project Demo + Poster

Individual Team Assessment

Due November 13, 2007, checkpoint October 31, 2007            CS 160, Fall 2007


This assignment has four distinct parts to it.

·        You need to provide a working demo of your prototype.

o       A checkpoint on October 31 in discussion section will be used to assess progress on the implementation

o       A final demo on November 13 will be graded by the teaching staff and invited guests from the HCI community in Berkeley and the Bay Area

·        You need to produce a poster that accompanies the demo that introduces the project (after the demo session, these posters will be hung up in the 5th floor of Soda).

·        You need to individually turn in an assessment of each of your group members


  1. You must demonstrate a final, working prototype of your project. This will be the version that you will be doing user testing on, the implementation should be considered complete by the November 13 demo.
  2. As a progress checkpoint along the way, each group must demo their current status of the project on October 31.  We would like you to have implemented by that point enough functionality to perform two of the three main tasks you storyboarded. We will identify one task that you should implement in the feedback to your storyboard submission. You can choose the other task that you’d like to demo to us. You will need to show what is currently working and what you plan to complete by Nov. 13th. You will need to schedule a slot for a 10-minute presentation for October 31, Wed. 12:00-3:00 (this is the time for the discussion sections plus the hour in between for more time). We will develop a mechanism for scheduling once we get closer to the week.
  3. You must create a poster that introduces the project to people attending the demo session. The poster should introduce viewers to the need that your project is addressing and your design approach. It should include a screenshot of the major interface to your application. The poster should serve as both background to your demo session, and should be self-explanatory when they are displayed in the 5th floor hallways in Soda. We will provide a template to use for creating a poster. If you email in the poster file by midnight (12:00) on Sunday, November 11, we’ll take care of printing it for you on a color plotter. Otherwise, you will need to find a way to print the poster out on your own.
  4. You should submit an individual assessment of each of the group members (including yourself!). We’re looking for an assessment of each member’s contribution to the project, ranked from 1 (weak contribution) to 5 (strong contribution), and a paragraph explaining your assessment of their involvement. This is an individual assignment, and one copy will be handed in privately without other group members seeing it. Feel free to also comment on the overall working dynamics of the group.

Grading Criteria

  • Functionality of implementation
    • The working prototype should accomplish the major tasks without bugs or errors
  • Design quality heuristics
    • The design of the application should represent a good flow of tasks and good HCI design in terms of visibility, feedback, and efficiency in accomplishing the task.
  • Poster
    • Effective communication of goals and approach of project
    • Attractive visual design
  • Individual Assessment
    • We just want everyone to turn one in. Honest and constructive feedback is most helpful