These student samples are taken from a prior year's assignment for CS160. Their project was focused on applications of a digital pen (Anoto). They were following a different template than we are, so the “Task Analysis” questions are not something we’re asking for (although some of the answers get at what resources and hindrances they encounter). I've edited out sections of their assignment that we are not asking for. Plus, we’re asking for design key issues, which was not part of their assignment. For key design issues, I'm imagining a list of at least 4 issues that address:

This is a solid example of a good contextual inquiry report. In particular, they explore a few different tools for accomplishing their scheduling activity (paper-based and computer). Student example 1

This sample interviewed different roles involved in the activity and also included a photo from data collection. Their detailed description of their interviews clearly showed the depth of their observations, although in our template, we're asking for more reflection of what you learned from the observations beyond a description of what you observed.
Student example 2

This sample exhibited careful selection of their participants, and clearly describes how they conducted the interview. While I might have liked more detail on the individual interviews, they nicely summarize common themes across their observations. This example shows the most thinking about design implications and their proposed solution
Student example 3

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