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Project Final Presentation Slides

Picking a Project

For more information on how choose a project topic and write a proposal, see the G0 handout. Groups should consist of 5-6 students and 1 must be a non-EECS / non-CS major. Up to four groups can do sponsored projects (see below) and the rest should select a topic under the theme "learning technology" (see below).


"Learning Technology"

All non-sponsored projects must follow the theme "Learning Technology." This means technology to support people in the process of learning. This does not necessarily mean helping people to learn about technology (though this could be an acceptable topic).

Click to see the list of project topics generated during discussion section. Use this list to help you find topics that interest you and other students are interested in similar topics. You are not limited to these topics.


Sponsored Projects

Groups from UCB campus have proposed 3 possible projects, for 4 groups. If you chose to work on one of these projects, you will work with the project sponsor, follow their requirements, and provide some deliverable to the sponsor in addition to your class requirements. Sponsored project options include:
  1. An interface for community groups to run meetings when people are not physically together (2 groups)
    Sponsor: David Thaw (dbthaw at berkeley.edu)
    (pdf description | project website)
  2. A search tool for a travel planning
    Sponsor: Bernt Wahl (berkeley at gmail.com)
  3. A community board for college campuses (goal: facilitate interaction and information sharing)
    Sponsor: Bernt Wahl (berkeley at gmail.com)

If you are interested in one of these projects, please contact the sponsor listed for more information.