CS 161 Project 1 Submission Instructions

All groups must submit a Final Design Document, System Test Docment, README, Public/Private Key File, and Source Code. The deadline for Project 1 is Monday, October 31, at 11:59PM.

Final Design Document

This document can be reused from your original design document, or reflect changes you have made in your initial design. This document should be more formal than your original document, containing the following sections:

System Test Document

The System Test Document contains a test by test description of the cases your group tested against your system. There is no set number of test cases, or specific requirements that the test cases must cover. However, it must be evident that the test cases verified both system functionality and that the security requirements were met.

Please submit the final design and test documents in .pdf, .ps, or .txt formats only.

Use the following naming convention for the final documents:

CS161-GN_FinalDesignDoc.{pdf, ps, txt}
CS161-GN_SystemTestDoc.{pdf, ps, txt}

where N is your group number.

Source Code and Public/Private Key Pairs

Include working source code. Please Include a file containing all of the public/private key pairs your group generated for use in the project.


Include a README file containing the names and logins of all group members. Include the location and name of your public/private key pair file. Also, detail how to install and run the code, especially if there are any unusual steps.

Tar and Submit

From one group member's named account, tar and compress files for submission

tar -czvf project1.tar.gz project1

where project1 is the directory containing all of your files.

In the same directory where project1.tar.gz is located, run

submit Project1

Note: You can submit as many times as you want up until the deadline. Only the last submission will be graded. Please submit your project from only one account.

Slip Days

Each group is permitted 3 slip days for the entire semester (2 projects). Once a group misses the deadline for a project (12:00AM after deadline day), one entire slip day will be used. Slip days cannot be partitioned.


The following is the grade breakdown for Project 1: