CS161 CVS Setup

Setup SSH2 public key

To gain access to the CVS group accounts, you need to create a ssh2 public/private key pair in your instructional named account. Follow these steps if you don't already have one:

You will need to make sure your TA can read your public key by doing:

Once all four of your group member have done this, you should email your TA with your login names to have him setup access to your group account

Setting up Group Account

CVS for CS161 is setup through group accounts. Once you have emailed your TA, he will reply back with a group number. To access your cvs group, use the following two commands to set your environment variable (assuming your are using csh/tcsh):

where N is your group number (for example if N=5, then you would use ~cs161-g5)

Creating a repository

After you have setup the group account, then you can run 'cvs init' to setup your repository. You only need to do this once and only once per group.

Access your repository

Once you have setup your repository, you can use 'cvs import' to initially import your files. Then you can use 'cvs add', 'cvs checkout', and other cvs commands.

For more information on this entire process, you can consult the cvs help file.

Paul Huang