CS161 Deter Tutorial

Getting an account

To gain access to the Deter testbed, you need to create a Deter account. Follow this link to signup for an account. Your user name needs to be in the form of cs161-gN, where N is your group number. So you should only signup one account per group. If your N is two digits, then your user name is cs161gN. In the signup screen, there is a location for ssh public key. This public key is the key for login into your deter account to run server and client. You can add more keys when your account is approved, so you should pick the account for the initial setup. The public keys do not have to be instructional account keys; they can be keys for your own machines.

Once you submit the request, you will receive an email to verify your email. Once you have done that, you will get another email when the account is approved.

Setup an experiment.

Once your account is approved, you can login through https://www.isi.deterlab.net/login.php3. Once you login, you can begin an experiment on the left side panel. You need to generate an NS file or use one here: tutorial.ns. To generate an NS file, you can use the NetBuild GUI here. Once you have generated an NS file for your experiment, you can input all the information for the experiment.

When you have submitted your experiment, it will take about 5-10 minutes to setup your machines. You will receive an email when the experiment is setup. You can also follow the log in real time.

Once your experiment is ready, you can login to your machines through users.isi.deterlab.net. So you first ssh into users.isi.deterlab.net. Then to get to the server machine in the tutorial example, ssh Server.tutorial.CS161. In general, the machines are named <name>.<experiment>.CS161.

If you need more information, see the Tutorial link


If your group number 2 digits, then you need to use cs161gN as your username.

Once you have begin an experiment, you should use the disk space in your home directory, since those files are shared across all machines via nfs.

You should always terminate an experiment instead of swapping out an experiment because it takes less resources to terminate an experiment. As long as you have the ns file you want to use, you can restart the experiment in 5-10 minutes.

You should set $JAVA_HOME to ~pbhuang/jre1.5.0_05 and your $PATH to include $JAVA_HOME/bin. To do this in the default shell (tcsh):

You should probably put these changes in your .cshrc so you don't have to do it everytime you login. Java 1.4 is also available at ~pbhuang/j2re1.4.2_09. These are just the JRE, so you should upload your jar file and class files to run.

You can upload more public keys once you gain access to your account. So the initial setup's public key is not the only key available.

If there is a problem, let me know.

Paul Huang