CS161 Project FAQs

Please check this page often for updates to the project

How to run the insecure test code

To run the insecure test code, first download the project tarball from the course main page. Untar the tarball then run make on the project root directory. Once you have compile the project, to start the server:

To run a test gui client:

To run a text client:

How to start designing

You should look though the insecure protocol sample that we have provided and see how to use the Hamsam API. Use the secure protocol skeleton code that is in the tarball. In order to grade your project, you must use the APIs in the secure protocol skeleton. Any new method you declare must be private in secure protocol class. You may not change any of the files outside of hamsam/protocol/secure directory. If you think you need to change a file outside of that directory, please contact your TA. Submit instructions will come later, but you will only submit files in the hamsam/protocol/secure directory.

What's wrong with the gui client? It throws exceptions!

We are still in the process of developing the test client. It should show you the basic behavior of the project you have to implement. We will push out a patch to the testclients next week to show ignore messages, failed messages and bug fixes. You should be able to do design document and start working on your protocol with the current test clients.

How to use public/private keys?

Stay tuned. There will be a way for you to incorporate certiticates or other public key infrastructure into your project's implementation.

Paul Huang