Computer Science 162 Fall 2003

Operating Systems and System Programming


Saturday 12/13/03, 03:03pm
These are the grades for CS162 for Fall, 2003. Class average is 3.21, well above the usual average. The class did unusually well. If you want to see your midterm exam, please contact Prof. Smith during spring semester to make an appointment. Prof. Smith will not be available until then.

Happy Holidays and Season's Greetings.

Code course mt3
number grade grade

121eaba B- 79.0
1240127 A- 107.0
1897243 A- 108.0
1R15000 C- 65.8
2142519 C- 69.0
2812982 A 108.0
3217237 A- 91.0
37 Fx 53.0 not registered
4301603 C 96.5
4307629 C 69.0
4328134 B- 81.0
4362870 C 70.8
4776413 B 90.0
4788392 B- 92.0
4992800 A 108.0
5037216 A 106.0
5039963 A 110.0
5069677 A 82.0
5177362 B+ 115.0
5412589 B- 63.5
5445031 B- 84.0
5457927 A 118.0
5471181 A 100.0
5803368 B 97.0
6050134 B+ 96.0
657Azar B- 56.0
7031898 A- 100.0
8232775 B+ 91.5
8675309 A 110.0
9261206 C- 52.0 not registered
9999999 A- 107.0
bambooo A 116.0
bldmnd0 B+ 89.0
chebka0 A- 116.0
dannysh A- 111.0
denster C+ 110.0
erik007 B 63.5
Gregsux B- 86.8
HudsonH B 86.0
I4873U2 C+ 75.0
IGOT88S A 110.0
KION235 B 89.0
mathguy B+ 89.0
myc3383 B- 73.5
noriega A 111.0
rball21 B- 77.0
redhook B+ 101.0
Rob8544 A- 95.0
salmon7 A 112.0
SirRice A 113.0
zerocuo A 92.0

Sunday 12/07/03, 11:30am
All outstanding hw8's should be turned in by Wednesday.

Some of you have outstanding hw8's that you're retyping into text, etc. If you want credit for the assignment, get them to Steve by Wednesday or you will recieve a 0 for homework 8. Thanks!

Saturday 12/06/03, 12:48pm
The grade table has been updated with the latest fixes. Please check your scores. All grade disputes should be handled before the final.

Also, Steve will be having extra office hours before the final for last minute questions. He'll be available from 12-1pm in one of the Soda alcoves, location to be determined. (Just check around Soda if the reservation doesn't go through in time to be posted here)

Thursday 12/04/03, 08:17pm
The grade table has been updated with the last project. Please take a second and check out your grades.

By now, the grade table should be complete. If you have an error in your grades or if one is missing you should email or meet with the readers IMMEDIATELY. Exceptions would be homework 8 grades, in which case you should email Steve so he can fix it.

By the time the final gets here, we should have complete and accurate grades for everyone. Please make sure that you don't become the victim of a mistake. Thanks!

Sunday 11/30/03, 11:56am
The last group evaluation is ready. Please take a moment to eval your group.

In addition, we are accepting evaluations for all of the other group projects as well. If you have not evaluated each of your groups, you MUST do so soon. We can't calculate your grade if you don't evaluate your group, period. It takes a few seconds and is really important to the whole class group dynamic.

Let Steve know if you have any problems. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! :)

Monday 11/24/03, 10:52am
The third (and last!) CS162 midterm this semester will be Monday, December 8, 2003, at 1:30pm, in 306 Soda. It will last between 1.5 and 2.5 hours. (I'll decide once I write it.) It will count slightly more than the other midterms, but it is not a final exam and will not count as much as a final exam would count. The exam will be (as usual) cumulative, with closed book and notes. You are responsible for all of the material covered in lecture plus anything else that you were specifically asked by Prof. Smith to read or learn.

Alan Smith

Friday 11/21/03, 2:52pm
There will be no lecture on Wednesday, November 26. As previously announced, up to 2 classes will be cancelled since the exams have been moved to the evening. 11/26 is one of the classes that are cancelled. Prof. Smith will not have office hours on 11/26 either. Steve won't have office hours on Wednesday or Friday. Please enjoy your early start for Thanksgiving.

Friday 11/14/03, 12:45am
Design reviews for project 4 have been scheduled, and the signup tool posted. Please take a second and sign up your group for a design review. Thanks!

Thursday 11/13/03, 1:45pm
There are 3 items in the course reader that you should review in conjunction with the last Nachos project. Note particularly the Anderson writeup.

18. Thomas Anderson, "Nachos Networking Background"

19. Don Clark, "Translation, Please". (Wall St. Journal). Email from Phil Ngai (April, 1994). "Internet Acronyms", PC Magazine, May 27, 1997, pp. 207-208, "Browser Software Brings the Web Home", NY Times, March 5, 1998.

20. Steven Cherry, "Striking at the Internet's Heart", IEEE Spectrum, December, 2001, pp. 66-67.

Wednesday 11/12/03, 11:45am
Group evaluations for the latest Nachos project have been posted. Please take a second to evaluate your group! Also, group signups for the next project (which will be released very soon) are ready. Sign your group up for both a cvs repository and the ability to do group evaluations. Let Steve know if you want a new group. Design reviews will be scheduled and posted ASAP--most likely they will be late next week. Thanks!

Sunday 11/09/03, 10:15pm
The autograder has been turned on at fifteen minute intervals with some test cases for Nachos project 3. ("submit proj3-code" from your nachos directory to use it.)

Saturday 11/08/03, 01:18pm
The office hours page has been updated with the reader email addresses and the homeworks they are responsible to help aid in directing traffic. If you have any homework grading issues, please don't hesitate to contact them.

Saturday 11/08/03, 01:00pm
The due date for the Nachos project 3 has been postponed until Noon, Tuesday, 11/11. Note that the original due date was 11/10. An incorrect date of 11/11 was posted, but rapidly corrected. Never-the-less, for those students who relied on the incorrect date (or are at least pretending to), the due date is now Noon, 11/11.

Tuesday 11/04/03, 04:50pm
The original due date for Nachos project 3, Monday 11/10, as given in the syllabus intro handout is correct. The due date listed on the Nachos page has been corrected from "Monday 11/11" to "Monday 11/10".

Friday 10/31/03, 04:20pm
The design reviews have been scheduled at the following locations:

Friday 10/31/03, 03:30pm
The group signup and the design review scheduling tools have been posted for Nachos project 3. Please sign up your group on the group signup tool or you will have trouble using the evaluation tool later. Design reviews are the usual jazz, sign up your group and come chat. Oh, and also, Happy Halloween, everyone! :)

Friday 10/31/03, 03:07pm
Update in reader office hours: Jacob West has moved his office hours so that they are now Thursdasy from 5-6pm in 511 Soda.

Thursday 10/30/03, 06:37pm
The following request for experimental subjects was received. Respond if you're interested. It might help you prepare for the last midterm. :-) - Alan Smith

From Thu Oct 30 17:10:00 2003
From: Andrew Swan
To: Alan Smith
Subject: Re: learning synchronization project

Looking for volunteers for synchronization study.

I'm conducting a study on a tool I have developed to help
students understand concurrent programs and synchronization
(i.e., threaded programs). I'm looking for volunteers to
participate in the study by using the tool to complete a
short set of exercises and then give feedback on the tool
and how helpful it was in understanding concurrency.

The whole session will take less than 1 hour and is a
great opportunity to solidfy your understanding of
concurrency, particularly if you found it confusing when
you first learned it. To sign up or if you have any
questions, please send me e-mail at

Wednesday 10/29/03, 06:37pm
Nachos project 3 is up. Design reviews will be next week. Keep an eye out for sign ups. See the Nachos page for more information about project 3.

Monday 10/27/03, 06:37pm
Our readers have made themselves available for office hours. The office hours and locations are: Please see them with questions about homework grading. Thanks!

Friday 10/24/03, 12:26pm
A summary of current grades has been released. You can access the grade table via the 'Current Grades' link in the lower left frame. The grades are indexed by your grading code chosen at the beginning of class. If you have forgotten your code, email a TA and we will tell you what it is.

If there is a problem with midterm or hw8 grades--i.e. they were recorded wrong--please let a TA know. Once we've verified it we'll make the correction quickly.

If you have questions about other homework grades, you will need to see the readers. Your TAs did not issue these grades, so contacting them for information about them will be useless. The readers will begin holding office hours just for this purpose soon. The office hours will be announced online and in class once they schedule them.


Thursday 10/23/03, 10:15am
The group evaluation form has been updated with your latest Nachos project. Please evaluate your group participation if you were in a group of 3 or more. If you were in a group of two and do not think credit should be split equally, please email the professor. Thanks!

Monday 10/20/03, 1:10pm
Nachos project 2 submissions - As noted on the newsgroup, project 2 submissions are being accepted and the autograder has been running for project submissions. However, the design document submissions wasn't enabled as well. It has, as of this morning. Dave apologizes for the delay. As a result, the deadline for the final design document for project 2 has been extended to Tuesday 10/21/03, 3:45 pm. Submit it in the same way as for the design doc for project 1. ("submit proj2-final-design" in a directory with file "proj2-design.tar.gz")

Thursday 10/16/03, 10:18pm
The following announcement is about an exciting research opportunity at UCLA for undergradutes! Please visit the links below for more information.

Dear Colleague, we are very excited to announce the fourth year of an innovative summer program for undergraduates at UCLA's Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics. We are recruiting talented national and international undergraduates and would be grateful for your assistance in bringing this program to their attention. Our program called Research in Industrial Projects for Students ("RIPS") creates teams of 3-5 undergraduates paired with faculty mentors and industry liaisons whose goal is to solve real-world industrial problems. Sponsors included companies such as Pixar and national laboratories such as Los Alamos. Last summer we completed our 3rd program and as in the previous two years, it was very successful and the undergraduates who participated were enthusiastic about their experience. More information, including comments from students and information on prior projects can be found on our website at:

Questions can be addressed to

You can view and/or print out a poster for the program (and we'd be grateful if you could post it in an area visible to undergraduates) at this url:

Thank you in advance for your assistance, it is very much appreciated.

Mark Green Director, Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics

Wednesday 10/15/03, 9:32pm
Here are the stats from Exam 1:

Avg: 73.8
Std Dev: 13.74

40-44 >
45-49 >>
50-54 >>>
55-59 >
60-64 >>>>>>>>
65-69 >>>>>>
70-74 >>>>>>>>
75-79 >>>>>
80-84 >>>>>>>
85-89 >>>>>
90-94 >>>>>>>
95-99 >>

Tuesday 10/14/03, 8:50pm
Steve's Friday office hours have been moved permanently from 10:30-12:00pm on Fridays in Soda 711 to 3:00-4:30pm on Fridays in Soda 551. Thanks!

Thursday 10-09-03, 12:04pm

Here are some important announcements made in class:

  1. Nachos Project 2 (hw4) has now been posted online. It is due a week from this Monday. It will require as much or more work as the previous project, so please start early.
  2. The group signup tool has been posted online. PLEASE sign up your group, even if you are working individually. This gives us a record for CVS group creation and also group evaluation.
  3. Design reviews for the next project will be Monday and Tuesday next week. Please sign up online for a design review time. The reviews will be held in 411 Soda (Monday 10am-4pm) and 551 Soda (all other times).
  4. If you do not have a group for hw4, please email Steve NOW. No group additions will be made after Friday.
  5. Steve will set up and email out your group's new CVS group this weekend. If you made a key and were successfully added for the last project, then you will have no problems this time around!

Tuesday 10/07/03, 5:35pm
Dave's office hours for this thursday (10/9) only have been moved from 11-12:30 to 2-3:30.

Tuesday 10/07/03, 1:15pm
Nachos phase 2 (HW4) is released.  See the Nachos project page for further details.

Tuesday 10/07/03, 11:59am
Group signups are up for Nachos project 2! (HW4). Please sign your group up ASAP. If you don't have a group, please either find one or email Steve (cs162-tb) so that he can make one for you. HW4 will be released very soon.

Friday 10/03/03, 08:25pm
Exam Reminder- the first midterm is Monday, 7pm, 306 Soda. It will run approximately 80-90 minutes. It is closed book and notes. You may bring blank scratch paper and a plain calculator. (Not a calculator containing your course notes.) You may bring an English/foreign language dictionary if necessary. (Not an IEEE dictionary.) You are responsible for commonly used abbreviations used in this course. The exam may cover everything up through the end of Wednesday's (10/1) lecture. You do not need blue books; everything should be written on the exam paper. You are responsible for the material intended to be taught, not the instructor's digressions in response to wide-ranging questions.

Monday 9/29/03, 11:07pm
To turn in homework 3 (from the intro handout): In your class account cs162-xx, for each assignment, you should create a directory called HWn, where n=1...8. For the written problem sets, the text should be in a file called "text".

Let us know if there are any questions or problems!

Sunday 9/28/03, 4:16pm
Reminder: First Midterm, Monday, 10/6, 7pm, 306 Soda.

Sunday 9/28/03, 11:44am
The next group evaluation has been posted. Please take a moment to evaulate your group for the first Nachos project! If you haven't evaluated them for project 1, you may still do so. Thanks, and let Steve know if you have any problems.

Thursday 9/25/03, 05:07pm
Submissions for the first nachos project (second homework) are being accepted.  Submit code with "submit proj1-code" from the nachos directory.  The deadline for the final design document has been extended to Saturday 9/27/03, 3:45 pm.  Submit it with "proj1-final-design" from a directory containing your design document (in text, html, ps, pdf, or doc) tarred and gzipped as "proj1-design.tar.gz".  More details can be read from the newsgroup.

Wednesday 9/24/03, 02:03pm
PLEASE NOTE:The first midterm is scheduled for 10/6, 7pm, 306 Soda, as ORIGINALLY scheduled. There were too many conflicts to move the exam to 10/8. Sorry about the confusion.

Wednesday 9/24/03, 02:03pm
The topic reading list has been posted in the 'Handouts' section.

Friday 9/19/03, 11:06pm
Group evaluations for HW1 are up, link is to the left. Please take a moment to evaluate your group members for their hw1 contributions. Only do this if you have a group of 3 or more, groups of 2 we will just split credit evenly for unless we've heard otherwise from group members. Let Steve know if you have any problems. Thanks!

Friday 9/19/03, 07:49pm
CVS Groups have been created. You should recieve an email with your group id, which will look like this: cs162-gNN, where NN is a two-digit number. Check out the cvs directions at or for details on how to use CVS.

A small number of you didn't make SSH keys, which are required to use CVS securely and for me to add you to a CVS group. I sent email to your cs-162xx account if you are in this group. To fix this, check out for directions on creating a key. Then, email me (Steve) when you are done and I will add you to your group.

Let me know if you have any problems! Good luck! :)

Tuesday 9/16/03, 12:16pm
The cost of the Nachos code reader is $6.50, not $6.00. Sorry about that!

Monday 9/15/03, 3:56pm
Copies of the Nachos code are for sale for $6 in 385 Soda 7am-4pm (except today, 9/15, only until 3:30pm).

Sunday 9/14/03, 7:41pm
Please sign up your group for the first Nachos project using the group signup tool. This will let us make you a CVS group for you so you can use source control. Also, please sign your group up for a 20-minute design review session with one of the TAs. The online group signup tool and design review scheduling tool can now be found in the 'Group tools' section. Thanks!

Thursday 9/11/03, 7:30pm
The first midterm will be on Wednesday 10/8/03, NOT Monday 10/6/03, in 306 Soda at 7pm.

Wednesday 9/10/03, 10:30pm
There will be a Nachos reader available soon. Please do NOT print the Nachos code yourselves. Thanks!

Wednesday 9/10/03, 9:11pm
HW 1 SUBMISSION UPDATE! If you are not the person who's account has the code, please be sure to indicate in your 'whowhere' text file where the actual homework materials reside. Thanks!

Also, please remove group readibility from the files (this should not affect turnin time). It turns out that our readers don't need this, so there is no reason to have your code group readable.

Wednesday 9/10/03, 4:38pm
There will be a CVS (Concurrent Versioning System) tutorial offered THURSDAY (tomorrow) night from 6-7pm in Soda 306. If you have any questions about how to use this great tool, please make sure to attend.

Wednesday 9/10/03, 4:30pm
The course reader has been sent over to Copy Central for duplicating, and will be available starting this afternoon. The reader includes assigned reading, homeworks, and other important information.

Wednesday 9/10/03, 10:40am

How to turn in homework 1:

Sunday 9/07/03, 7:12pm
The date for the second midterm review section was listed incorrectly. The posted date has been changed to Oct. 27th, 7pm.

Wednesday 9/03/03, 7:26pm
There has been a change in discussion section times and locations. As per voting results in class today, the 9AM section formerly held in 65 Evans has been moved to 4pm, and will be held in 200 Wheeler. As usual, you can attend any section, so if this works better for you see ya there.

Wednesday 9/03/03, 7:20pm
A section has been added for TA homepages, which will contain materials introduced in section.

Monday 9/01/03, 10:01am
Times and locations for review sections and exams have just been posted in the 'Class and Section Times' area. Also, the intro handout and the homework have been added for those who missed them at the first lectures.

Monday 9/01/03, 10:00am
I have requested that a midterm exam be substituted for the course final. The tentative date of the last midterm is Monday, December 8, at 1:30pm, NOT December 4 as previously indicated.

Thursday 8/28/03, 4:49pm
The 9am discussion section has changed location! It will now be held in 65 Evans, instead of 9 Evans.

Thursday 8/28/03, 4:47pm
The signup sheet for homework 8 (lecture notes) may be found under the 'Lecture Notes' link on the left. Graded notes will appear in the same folder. Please email your completed lecture notes to Steve (cs162-tb@cory.eecs) within 1 week of the date on the signup sheet.

Wednesday 8/27/03, 2:47pm
Current TA office hours and locations are:
Steve: Mondays and Wednesdays, 10:30am-12pm, Soda 711
Dave: Mondays 2:30-4:00pm, Thursdays 11am-12:30pm, Soda 711