12/18/08 Project 4 Make sure to fill out group evaluations for project 4!
12/18/08 Final Reminder that the final is from 8:00AM - 11:00AM in Bechtel Auditorium on 12/18. Please bring a calculator!
12/16/08 Project 3 Project 3 grades are up. Your TAs should have the comments.
12/16/08 Final Remember to bring a calculator to the final. Please make sure that all of your group members know this.
12/12/08 Regrade Since TAs are not very available today (Friday), I have extended the date for regrade requests to Monday. You must submit these requests in writing to a TA. We will consider them carefully (no guarantees, of course).
12/05/08 Midterm II We are still grading the exam, but the solutions have now been posted on the handouts page.
12/03/08 Midterm II Just to confirm: Midterm II is in 10 Evans from 5:30-8:30 tonight.
12/03/08 Midterm II Bring a calculator to Midterm II!
12/02/08 Midterm II There is a review session today in 277 Cory from 7:00-9:00
11/26/08 Class Today Yes, we are having class today. Stop by if you are still in town.
11/24/08 Project 4 I posted something on the news group that I hope will clear up the confusion with ports and connections that seemed to linger after class.
11/12/08 Project 3 We have moved the project 3 code deadline to Friday (11/14).
11/10/08 Sections Although tomorrow (Tuesday, 11/11) is a holiday, we will be holding voluntary sections anyway. TAs will have interesting information and will be answering questions as usual. If you can, try to make it.
11/04/08 Office Hours Professor Kubiatowicz will not have office hours on Wednesday 11/05.
10/24/08 Office Hours Tony's office hour on Friday will move from 1-2 to 12-1 starting next week (10/31), still in soda 6th/7th floor alcoves.
10/24/08 Midterm I Solutions have been posted on the handouts page.
10/23/08 Midterm I

Midterms are in the hands of your TA and should be available from them.

Statistics: Mean: 64.8, Std 14.5

10/13/08 Midterm I

Midterm I will be from 5:30-8:30 on Wednesday (10/15). It will be split across two rooms. You need to pick the room based on your last name:

Last Names A-M: 105 Northgate
Last Names N-Z: 141 McCone

10/7/08 Andrey's office hours Andrey is out of town this week until 10/09. His Wednesday office hours have been moved to Friday, 12-1pm, 751 Soda.
10/6/08 Midterm I There will be a review session for Midterm I on Sunday 10/12 in 306 Soda Hall from 7:00-9:00pm.
9/17/08 Subversion The latest information about accessing the Subversion server (SVN) can be found here:
9/15/08 Group Signup Final group assignments are up. Make sure to check to be sure that everything is ok. If you find a problem, make sure to tell us quickly! Contact Andrey (cs162-tc).
9/9/08 Group Signup

Time to signup for groups again! I cleared the signup as of 2:00 today (Tuesday). If you signed up for a second time before 2:00 today, please do so again (sorry!).

Our current plan is now to remove the Tuesday 11-12 section and replace it with a Wednesday 1-2 section. Please signup again. This will be the last time (I hope). Try to rank at least 2 sections. If you can only make 1 section, sign up for only one and send me email with a justification.

Important: The classroom for CS162 this Fall will be 277 Cory hall, not 100 Lewis
Welcome to CS162 for Fall 2008!