CS162: Operating Systems and Systems Programming

Note: This semester's offering is very different from all previous offerings (including projects). For more information about the changes please visit the course info page.

Day#TitleReadingHW AssignedProjectEvent
08/291Intro to CS162 [ppt]A&D Ch1 HW0: Executable
due 9/8
09/01-Labor Day
09/032Intro to the Process [ppt]A&D CH2 1-7
09/053Intro to I/O [ppt]A&D 2.8-9, 3.1-3, 11.1-2

Drop Deadline

09/084File sys structure and Fork [ppt]A&D 2.10-11, 3.4-6 HW1: Basic Shell
due 9/15
09/105Intro to Networks [ppt]OSC 2.7, 3.6
09/126Concurrency [ppt]A&D Ch 4.1-5

Group Creation Deadline

09/157Kernel Threads [ppt]A&D Ch 4.5-10Threads release
09/178Coordination [ppt]A&D 5.1-6 HW2: HTTP Server
due 9/26
09/199Lock Implementation [ppt]A&D 5.7-9
09/2210Scheduling intro [ppt]A&D 7.1
09/2411Scheduling [ppt]A&D 7.1 MT1 Study Guide checkpoint 1
09/2612Spin Locks and CV [ppt]A&D 5.4, 5.7
09/2913midterm Q&AMidterm 1 (6 pm)
10/0114Intro to Address TranslationA&D 2.7, 8.1-2checkpoint 2 (on 10/2)
10/0315Address Space and Virtual MemoryA&D 8.2
10/0616Address translation and ProtectionA&D 8.3 HW3: Address Translation
due 10/13
10/0817Caching in Operating System [ppt]A&D 9.1-5, 9.7final code handin
10/1018Caching in Operating SystemA&D 9.1-5, 9.7final report submission
10/1319Virtual Memory - Demand Paging [ppt]A&D 9.6-7 HW4: Malloc
due 10/27
Userprog release
10/1520Input/Output [ppt]OSC 13.1-5
10/1721I/O Layers, Storage Devices [ppt]A&D 11.1-4, 12
10/2022I/O Performance and Low-level Optimization [ppt]A&D 12.1, 7.5
10/2223File SystemsDesign: Concept to FAT [ppt]A&D 13.1-3.1checkpoint 1
10/2424File System Design: FFS, NTFS [ppt]A&D 13.3,
10/2725Advanced File Systems: COW [ppt]A&D 10.1-6 HW5: Directories and Path in HTTP server
due 11/12
10/2926MMAP and Reliability: ACID [ppt]A&D 14.1checkpoint 2
10/3127File System Transactions and 2PC [ppt]A&D 14
11/0328Distributed Systems: Key-Val, Location [ppt]Guest: Prof. Stoica
11/0529Remote Procedure Call (Vaishaal)Dist Sys: RPCfinal code handin
11/0730Networked File Systems (Kaifei)NFS chapfinal report submission
11/1031Protocol Design Concepts [ppt] KVStore Introduction
KVStore release
11/1232Layering, IP, End2End Design [ppt] end-to-end paper
11/1433Midterm Q&A (as needed)Midterm 2 (6 pm)
11/1734Dist. Sys. Example: TCP Flow Control [ppt] Van J's TCP paperHW6: Midterm 2 Fixup
due 11/26
11/1935Consistency [ppt]checkpoint 1
11/2136Distributed 2PC & Deadlock [ppt]OSC Ch 7
11/2437Deadlock [ppt]OSC Ch15
12/0139Cloud Services & Cloud Infrastructure [ppt]
12/0340Beyond MapReduce [ppt]checkpoint 2
12/0541Internet of Things [ppt]Smart Sensors to Network the World
12/08RRNo Meeting
12/1043Review Session [ppt]final code handin
12/12RRReview Q&A@ 405 Soda Hallfinal report submission
12/15-Midterm 3