Computer Science 162, Spring 2001

Operating Systems and System Programming (4 units)


Date Announcement
4/30/01 Cross Compilers Up: the cross compilers are now online at the bottom of the projects page. The FreeBSD and Sparc compilers are old and may or may not work. Instructions for installing are in the README accompanying Nachos.
4/22/01 Phase 4 Design Doc Extension: We have decided to give you one extra day to complete the Phase 4 initial design doc. The new deadline is Friday, April 27th at 11:59pm. Remember: you may not take slip days for initial design docs!
4/21/01 Phase 4 Spec Posted: You can get it right here.
4/16/01 Quiz 3 Cancelled: Due to the AC outage we also decided to cancel quiz #3.
4/16/01 Project 3 Deadline Extension: Due to the server shutdown over the weekend, we have decided to extend the deadline for project 3 code submissions to FRIDAY, APRIL 20, at 11:59pm. (This is a 24-hour extension.) Also note that the deadlines for project 4 will not be pushed back.
4/05/01 Nachos updates for Project 3: We have made some bugfixes to Nachos which you will need to incorporate into your Nachos tree for project phase 3. Please download the file nachos-proj3-updates.tar.gz. Then cd to your toplevel nachos directory, and issue the command:
  gunzip -c nachos-proj3-updates.tar.gz | tar xvf -
This will overwrite the contents of the machine and ag directories in your Nachos tree, so if you have made changes to those files you will need to merge the changes by hand.

If you are using CVS, only one project member needs to do the above and do a cvs commit to commit the changes; the rest of the project group can just do a cvs update.

4/02/01 Christmas in April! We have decided to remove part III of project phase 3, implementing memory-mapped files. You are not required to do this for your project. (This is not an April Fools' Day Joke!)
4/02/01 Change in Prof. Joseph's office hours: M 5:30-6:30 and W 2-3pm.
3/30/01 Project Phase 3 spec has been posted. You may get it from here. As before we will be making updates to the spec in response to comments and questions on the newsgroup, so check back often.
3/19/01 Important Nachos Bugfix The we supplied contains a significant error. You should apply this patch.
3/18/01 The descriptions of the autograder test cases for phase 2 have been posted. Also, the autograder is now up and running. Like last time, it will only grade the latest submission from your group in the queue.
3/7/01 We have prepared a new Nachos release for project phase 2. This is the same code as you already have, except for the contents of the threads directory (which contains our solution code which you are welcome to make use of). You are free to use your own solution if you so desire.

If you wish to use our code, we suggest you do the following:

  1. Do cvs tag proj1-code in your current CVS tree, so you have a way to refer to your original submission later on.
  2. Copy the files from threads/*.java in the new release into your CVS tree.
  3. Do a cvs commit to commit the new code to CVS.
3/5/01 The spec for Project Phase 2 is now online. Soon we will also be releasing a new Nachos distribution which includes a working solution to Phase 1, should you wish to build on top of that (although it's not necessary).
2/28/01 Note: the final design for project 1 is due 24 hours after the code. That is, if you turn in your code on time, it's due Friday at 11:59pm. If you used a slip day on the project, you also get an extra day on the design (as is only reasonable). Put your design in, and run "submit proj1-final-design". Instructions for generating PS are on the newsgroup.
2/26/01 Important Nachos Bugfix The Nachos code has been upgraded with two small bugfixes that you need to apply. Either grab the new nachos-java.tar.gz or apply this patch.
2/21/01 The Midterm time and place have changed: Wednesday March 7 in 2050 VLSB from 5:00 - 6:30 pm.
2/12/01 The JavaDoc information for Nachos is now online. This is an easy to read online reference to all the classes.
2/9/01 The instructions for using CVS with Nachos have been posted.
2/7/01 The Design document instructions have been posted.
2/7/01 The Nachos for Java Walkthrough has been posted.
2/5/01 Homework assignment #1 (and the solution) have been updated for the Java version of Nachos. It is a very good idea for everyone to understand this assignment; if you can't follow it, doing the project is going to be difficult!
2/1/01 The Nachos code is now available for you to download. It is available from the projects page.
1/30/01 A sample design document for a chess program has been posted to
1/29/01 Sections have been assigned! Please check the newsgroup for details.
1/26/01 The Section Assignment Form is now Available. All the section times have been updated. The deadline to fill out the section assignment form is still Monday, January 29, at 12:00 noon. You will know your section assignments by the end of the day on Monday. Please attend your new section next week!
1/25/01 Come to 380 Soda tomorrow (Friday, 1/26/2001) at 1pm if you still need partners. We reserved a room just for people to meet and find partners. We will also have more account forms there then.
1/24/01 The new deadline to fill out the section assignment form is Monday, January 29, at 12:00 noon. This form will be available for you to fill out on Friday, January 26. The reason for the delay is that we are still securing rooms and times for the sections. Please fill out the form by Monday at noon; we will assign your new sections by Monday afternoon and you will attend your new sections next week!
1/14/01 There will be no discussion sections on Tuesday January 16th, since the first lecture is not until Wednesday. 
1/14/01 CS 162 is, as usual, oversubscribed. The department policy is that all appeals are handled by the division office. Details about the appeals process will be provided in the first class. You must be on the Telebars waitlist to be admitted to the class.
1/14/01 Telebears section assignments are temporary, and will be used only until project groups are formed. Once groups are formed, we will assign students to discussion sections. All group members must be in the same section.