Computer Science 162, Spring 2003

Operating Systems and System Programming (4 units)


Date Announcement
Online design review signups for project 4 are now available for certain TA's here.
We've posted sample exam questions on the exam page.
1972 IBM/360 Linker/Loader paper by Leon Presser and John R. White, Linkers and Loaders.Computing Surveys, 4(3) September 1972, pp. 149-167
Online design review signups are now available for certain TA's here.
A new cross-compiler for Linux, Windows, and FreeBSD is available here.
A graph of  the grades distribution for midterm #1 can be found here.
Here is the reading for today's lecture, H. M. Levy and P. H. Lipman. Virtual Memory Management in the VAX/VMS Operating Systems. IEEE Computer, 15(3), March 1982, pp. 35-41.
The problems (with solutions) from the review session are available (PS,PDF) (Updated 3/13/03!!)
There will be a midterm review session this Sunday, 4-7pm in 10 Evans. Please tell everyone you know in the class as they may not check the newsgroup or website on such short notice.
As stated in lecture, the final design document for all projects is due one day after the code is turned in. Project 1's text has been updated to reflect this.
Clarificationsto the rules about the Boat task in project 1 are now available.
There is a short introduction to Priority Inversion and Donation now available.
Section assignments have changed!!!!!!! Check your assignment before going to section on 2/18/03.
The first midterm will be on Thursday March 13, from 7-9 pm in 1 Pimentel.
Design document instructions are available here.
And example design document available here.
The webcast of the CVS help session is now available online.
Section assignments are now available
CSUA and instructional staff will offer a CVS help session on Wednesday, February 5, from 6 to 8 pm in 306 Soda. The webcast can be viewed here.
A course reader containing copies of the lecture notes, Nachos source code, and a Nachos walk-through will be available at Copy Central (Hearst Ave location) on Tuesday January 21, 2003.
AirBears, UC Berkeley's wireless (802.11B) network service, is available in the following rooms:
105, 111, 117, 119, 125 Cory
310, 345, 349 Davis
271, 273, 275, 277 Soda
306, 333, 337, 349 Soda

AirBears is separate from the EECS wireless network (available in the rest of Soda and Cory, etc.). If you are a user of the EECS wireless network, you will have to switch wireless networks if you move between an EECS zone and an AirBears zone.

Unlike EECS's wireless network, AirBears uses no encryption, but requires a CalNet ID for authentication.

The deadline to fill out the section assignment form is To Be Announced, at 12:00 noon.This form will be available for you to fill out by To Be Announced. Please fill out the form by Sunday at noon.
1/14/03 The course will be webcast live. Live feeds and archives of the lectures are available on-line here.
1/14/03 There will be no discussion sections on Tuesday January 21st, since the first lecture is not until Wednesday, January 22nd. 
1/14/03 CS 162 is, as usual, oversubscribed. The department policy is that all appeals are handled by the division office. Details about the appeals process will be provided in the first class. You must be on the Telebars waitlist to be admitted to the class.
The enrollment policy is described here:
Useful information regarding the current procedures can also be found here:

Appeal forms will be available at the CS division office.  Students should turn in the completed forms to the CS office in 390. The deadline for students to turn in appeal forms is Friday January 24th, at 5 pm.
1/14/03 Telebears section assignments are temporary, and will be used only until project groups are formed. Once groups are formed, we will assign students to discussion sections. All group members must be in the same section.