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Student Lecture Notes

Lecture notes are to be emailed to cs162-tb. Please use plain ASCII text and hard-wrap lines (ideally at 80 characters). For ascii art figures, I recommend using spaces rather than tabs since not all editors agree on how big a tab is. Essentially, please make it look correct with unix 'cat' or 'less'. Thank you.

Lecture notes directory

Signups are as of 2005-05-01

Date Student(s)
2005-01-19 none available
2005-01-24 Xue Song and Scott Monasch (10)
2005-01-26 Jason Lee (9), Agusno Lie [MSWord] (9.5), Sharena Paripatyadar (10)
2005-01-31 Erik Diep (9), Sherman Lee (9.5), Daniel LeCheminant (10), Wei Zheng (9)
2005-02-02 Yakov Ivanov (9), Andrew Dahl (9.5)
2005-02-07 Darren Lam (8), Alex Martinez (8)
2005-02-09 Chris Reeder (9), Hobart Sze (9)
2005-02-14 Keith Rarick (9), Tom Gaston (9)
2005-02-16 Christopher George (9.5), Alexandre Linares and Edward Cheung (9.5)
2005-02-23 Kada Situ (10)
2005-02-28 Jesse Davidson and David Lee (7.5), Jianrui Zhang and Wai Leung William Wong (8)
2005-03-02 Kye Hyun Kim and Roland Carlos (9), Heng Woon Ong (8)
2005-03-07 lecture cancelled
2005-03-09 Guy Boo (10), Charles Lee (7.5)
2005-03-14 Ben Barcellos (9.5), Jhairo Erazo (9.5)
2005-03-16 Lane Rettig (10), Dennis Yi Harada (8.5)
2005-03-28 Mangesh Kulkarni and Laura Pelton (9.5), Wing Kei Louie (8), Radu Damian (8.5)
2005-03-30 Erol Basol (9), Chris Downie and Carly Rector (8.5), Tabassum Khan (9.5)
2005-04-04 Chris Condap (8), Peng Lou (8.5), Emad Salman (8.5), Jesse Dhillon (9.5)
2005-04-06 Padmanabhan Vasu (9)
2005-04-11 Timothy Paik (10), Frank Siao (9), James Kao (9)
2005-04-13 Kun Yo Chiu and Kan Shun Sit (9), Ramy Dodin (9)
2005-04-18 Matthew Gardner and Chris Willmore (9), Varun Patel and Alex Kan (9)
2005-04-20 Ravinder Singh (9), Chiayu Peng (8.5), Guang Li and Strom Lee (9.5)
2005-04-25 Yu Wai Jing (9), Ying Tat Ng (8.5), David Chen (10)
2005-04-27 Chun Ping Li (9), Yonathan Randolph (9.5)
2005-05-02 Alan Jensen (8.5), James McBryan and Farhad Massoudi (8.5)
2005-05-04 Lan Chen (8.5), Levy Klots (8), Lin Xu (8)
The number in the parentheses is your score, out of a possible 10 points.

Guidelines (from intro handout)

Because some students will miss some lectures (for various reasons), assignment number 8 requires that you take notes on one class lecture; those lecture notes will be posted.

At the first class, I will pass out a sign-up sheet. You must sign up for one lecture on which you will take notes. For that lecture, you must take careful notes, and type them into the computer, as cs162-xx/HW8/text. (Your notes should include what is on the board and also what I say. If necessary, you should look at the text and readings and include any additional informa­ tion necessary to make the notes clear. Be sure to include any announcements, such as due dates, lists of handouts, etc. If all you do is copy the lecture notes from the screen, you will receive only minimal credit. You should write up something that someone who didn't attend the lecture will understand well enough to study from.) There should be 2-4 students signed up for each lecture. You can each do your own set of notes, or you can col­ laborate; if there are 3 students signed up for a given lecture, from one to three sets of notes should be turned in, depending on how you chose to organize the note taking. (Obviously, a set of notes done by three people should be a lot better than a set done by one person.) The lecture notes should be straight text, stored as a plain text file. Figures can be constructed with keyboard characters.

The lecture notes assignment is due by midnight, one week after the lecture for which you are to take notes. (e.g. if you are taking notes for July 5, your notes must be handed in by mid­ night, July 12.) Your lecture notes should be emailed to cs162-tb. These notes will be graded for quality and correctness, and will be posted online in ~cs162/Students/Lecture_Notes, with the grade for the notes and the name(s) of the notetakers showing in the file. Please note that everyone will be able to see the quality of your lecture notes, so please do a good job.

(If you sign up for the last week of classes, your lecture notes will be due at midnight, May 5, 2005. If you sign up for a class that is cancelled, we will arrange for you to take notes for another, later, lecture.)