CS164: Course Announcements

  1. I've posted solutions to tests 1 and 2. These are not for distribution.
  2. I've posted sample tests and solutions from Spring 2010. These are not for distribution.
  3. We'll be posting information and announcements on the newsgroup, for which we are experimentally using Piazzza this semester.
  4. When customizing your .bash shell on the instructional machines, please use the following standard procedure:
    1. Create a directory ~/bashrc.d.
    2. Place a bash script containing your customizations in a file within this directory (such as ~/bashrc.d/00-local.sh. Actually, you can have any number of such files; the standard startup procedure will apply them in alphabetical order after applying the class standard files.
    3. Mark the file(s) in bashrc.d as executable, with
         chmod u+rx ~/bashrc.d/*
  5. Please use bug-submit for all questions about bugs in your code. No, we can't magically figure out what's wrong in general without ALL your code and an explanation of the how to reproduce the problem. Just run
    bug-submit proj1
    from within a directory on the instructional machines containing your entire project and also a file named ERROR with a description of the bug symptoms and how to reproduce them.
  6. That's right, there are no textbooks for this course. All materials—including textbook-like course notes, lecture notes, and homework—will be on line or handed out.

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