CS 164 Homework

Fall, 2011

Template files

You can generally find template files mentioned in homework assignments by looking in ~cs164/hw on the instructional machines.

Location of Solution Code

Directories containing code for homework solutions mentioned below are in the directory ~cs164/public_html/hw/solutions.

Submitting Your Work

We use Subversion to submit work. Here are some general directions for doing so.

Programming Project Guidelines

We have prepared some useful stylistic guidelines for programming projects.


The phrase ``Due on Tuesday at midnight'' in any assignment means due at the end of Tuesday (i.e., the beginning of Wednesday).

Homework Due Subject Corrections
HW 1
handout& files
Tue, 6 Sept Homework mechanics, regular expressions -
Please fill out this background survey
HW 2
Tue, 13 Sept FSAs, regular expressions, Python -
Project 1
handout & files & notes and advice
Wed, 5 Oct Parser/Lexer revised 10/06/2011
HW 3
handout& files
Tue, 20 Sept Parsing, Grammars -
HW 4
handout& files
Tue 27 Sept More parsing, project tests -
HW 5
handout& files
Fri 7 Oct Bottom-up parsing -
HW 6
handout& files
Tue, 18 Oct Static Semantics -
Project 2
handout & files
Wed, 9 Nov Semantic Analyzer revised 10/28/2011
Project 3
handout & files
Wed, 7 Dec Code Generator -
HW 7
handout& files
Fri, 2 Dec Code Generation and optimization -

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