CS164: Course Announcements

  1. [5/15/2009] Review session for final on Sunday, 17 May at 4PM in 306 Soda.
  2. [5/6/2009] Project #3 now due Monday, 11 May. Autograder run Friday (8 May) night.
  3. [5/3/2009] Please see this poll to help determine review times for the final.
  4. [3/12/2009] pyunparse has been updated. The -dd option dumps declarations in the decorated AST; --alpha does alpha conversion, which renames identifiers so that there is a unique identifier for each local variable, parameter, and nested function. pyunparse and pyunparse.jar are available in the staff repository under software.
  5. [3/6/2009] Sample tests from 2008 now available here.
  6. [2/23/2009] Please use bug-submit for all questions about bugs in your code. No, we can't magically figure out what's wrong in general without ALL your code and an explanation of the how to reproduce the problem. Just run
    bug-submit proj1
    from within a directory on the instructional machines containing your entire project and also a file named ERROR with a description of the bug symptoms and how to reproduce them.
  7. [2/12/2009] pyunparse now available on the instructional machines. This is a Java program. ~cs164/bin/pyunparse.jar contains the application, and ~cs164/bin/pyunparse is a script that runs it. Put them in the same directory, and make sure you have 'java' on your path.
  8. [1/31/2009] Homework 2 is now available. Due 2/6/2009 at 2400.
  9. [1/23/2009] Your personal repositories are now set up, if you logged in to your class accounts on the instructional machines and went through the entire dialog. I will update the authorizations on the repository periodically as people and teams register or change their registrations. You must get repository access before you can submit homework or generally use our Subversion repository.
  10. [1/23/2009] Homework now up, due in one week.
  11. [1/21/2009] The newsgroups are now hosted by CSUA at news.csua.berkeley.edu. You can also use Thunderbird or a newsgroup reader directed at news.csua.berkeley.edu.
  12. [1/19/2009] That's right, there are no textbooks for this course. All materials—including textbook-like course notes, lecture notes, and homework—will be on line or handed out.

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