CS 170 Reading Quiz -- Week 5, Thursday

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1. Let G be an undirected graph with costs on the edges, and let e be the edge with lowest cost. Suppose that no other edge has the same or lower cost as e (so the lowest-cost edge is unique). Are we guaranteed that every minimum spanning tree of G will contain e?

Why or why not? A sentence or two of justification will suffice.

2. Give a justification of how one can know that 1.5 < sqrt(e) without evaluating the latter/using a calculator.

3. What did you find difficult or confusing about the reading for the upcoming lecture, and what would you most like to see explained better? If nothing was difficult or confusing, and you understand the material pretty well, tell us what you found most interesting. Please be as specific as possible.

4. How did you feel about the exam? Good/bad? Too easy/hard, short/long? Any concepts you expected less/more of?

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