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    "You might say that certain words are only pegs to hang intonations on."

  • John and Joseph will be running a review session in 310 Soda Hall at 5:00 on Sunday.

  • Assignment 9 is up, and it was last updated on Wednesday at 10:18 p.m. You have a week to finish it, and then until the 13th to get in a10 (or your project).

  • Your final paper (assignment 10) has been posted. Since assignment 9 won't be posted till Tuesday, make sure you start a10 now. The papers you need to read are very long.

  • Joseph has posted his class notes from the semester (to be updated periodically) under the notes sections.

  • Prof. Narayanan will hold a special tutorial on Bayes Nets on Tuesday evening from 6:00 to 7:00 in 306 Soda. All are encouraged to attend.

  • The metaphor lectures (Tuesday of last week) have been posted.

  • Assignment 7 is posted.

  • Hey non-comp people! You may be having trouble with the java path for the verb-learn program. Here's a workaround

  • Here're a few hints on the computational version of a6.

  • The latest slides from section and lecture have been posted.

  • The next assignment (6) has been posted, in both its computational and non-computational forms. It's not due until April 3rd, but it would be a big mistake not to start early.

  • The midterms will be handed back in section on the ides of March, in your discussion sections.

  • a5 has been posted. It's due on Tuesday.

  • All the relevant lectures are now posted (and re-numbered). Note that lecture06 ("Brain imagining") is new. Most of the assignment solutions have also been posted.

  • The exam is on Tuesday, so come to class on time! Joseph's section slides have also been posted.

  • Johno and Joe will hold a review session for the midterm at 6:00 p.m. in 310 Soda this Monday, March 6th.

  • Problem 3 in a4 was corrected on Sunday. In the new version, the Pulvermuller experiments are referenced. Make sure you are using the latest version (use your brower's refresh button in case you're using a cached version of the uncorrected one).

  • Prof. Narayanan won't have office hours on Tuesday (2/28), but he'll be in on Thursday 11-12 and Monday 11-12.

  • Assignment 4 is up. It's due on Friday.

  • The code in TesterPart2 has been revised as of noon on 2/17. If you're doing the computational assignment, please use the new one (accessible from the old link) instead of the old one.

  • There were a couple of sign errors in the longer backprop handout, now corrected. (Thanks, Johno and Jeff.)

  • Assingment 3 is now up, in both it's computational and non-computational forms. The first part of the computational version is due this Wednesday (2/15) and the second part the following Wednesday (2/22). We strongly advise you to get started early on it, since it's been known to take quite awhile.

  • Tlearn access on pulsar, etc. has been restored.

  • The backprop handout has been posted in the Notes

  • Joseph's office hours are now being held in 2 Evans (moved from 65 Evans).

  • Some of the CS servers have been experiencing problems since about 8:00 pm on Tuesday 2/7, resulting in tlearn's no longer being accessible from pulsar, quasar, star, et al. Therefore, if you're still working on a2 or you're doing the non-computational version of a3 (it also involves tlearn), log into

  • There's a quiz in class on Tuesday.

  • a2 has been posted. It's due on Monday.

  • The second assignment is due on Monday at midnight.