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Book = Book chapters online
R = Reader
O = Online papers

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8: Narayanan model exercises





Tue 1/17

An introduction to the course:
relations between the mind, brain, language and cognition; chemistry; neurons and other cells

Book Ch 1, 2, 3

0: How you think it works

Thu 1/19

The brain:
Basic structure and function of the brain as a biological entity and a computing device

R2, R3
Book Ch 4, 5, article on Neural Firing


Tue 1/24

The brain 2:
Neural development, learning, and repair.

R4, R5
Book Ch 6

1: Brain facts

Thu 1/26

Introduction to connectionist modeling; alternative representations

R7 (ch 1)
Book Ch 3, 9


Tue 1/31

Spreading activation in psychology and psycholinguistics

R6 (ch 1),O1, Mirror Neurons

Book Ch 7, article on Embodiment of Cognition 

2: Neural Networks software exercises

Thu 2/2

Experimental Techniques � Imaging, TMS

R3 (re-visited)


Tue 2/7

PDP and structured connectionist models; learning concepts; binding; recruitment learning

Article on learning, LTP


3: Backpropagation exercises / Backpropagation (coding)

Thu 2/9


R7 (revisited), R9


Tue 2/14

Color: The neurophysiology, psychophysics, anthropology, and linguistics of color as a bridge between biological and conceptual levels

R14 (ch 3)
Book Ch 8


Thu 2/16

Cognitive Linguistics 1: categories and prototypes

R10, R11, Book Ch 11, 13


Tue 2/21

Cognitive Linguistics 2: image schemas and force-dynamics

Book Ch 15


Thu 2/23

Semantic Frames and FrameNet

FrameNet, Book Ch 11

4: Prototypes

Tue 2/28

Regier's model for word learning:
topographic maps in conceptual analysis

Book Ch 10, 11, 12


Thu 3/2

Regier 2: Structure and performance of Regier's model

Book Ch 12

5: Regier -model exercises

Tue 3/7




Thu 3/9

Motor Control



Tue 3/14

The computational level: belief nets, Feature structures and executing schemas

R13, O2 , O3 , O4
Book Ch
11 , 13

6: Bailey model exercises/ Model merging (coding)

Thu 3/16

Bailey's model for learning hand-motion verbs

Book Ch 14, O2 (revisited)


Tue 3/21

Aspect: the inherent structure of events

R14 (Chap 11), O5
Book Ch 18


Thu 3/23


R14 (Chapters 4 and 5), Book Ch 16, 17


Tue 3/28

Spring Break



Thu 3/30

Spring Break



Tue 4/4


bayes net tutorial 1 and 2
Book Ch 19

7: Frame semantics, aspect and metaphor exercises

Thu 4/6

Belief nets. KARMA: Narayanan model for metaphorical concepts and discourse. Application to understanding news stories.  

O6, Book Ch 20


Tue 4/11


O5 (revisited)
Book Ch 9 (revisted), SHRUTI

8: Narayanan model exercises

Thu 4/13

Grammar 1

R15, O7, Book Ch 21, 22


Tue 4/18

Grammar 2: Constructions

R16, Book Ch 23, 24


Thu 4/20

Models of Language Learning

R14, Grammar Induction, Book Ch 22

9: Language learning exercises

Tue 4/25

Learning Embodied Construction Grammar

O8, O9, Book Ch 25


Thu 4/27

Psych. model of analysis



Tue 5/2

Review. Course overview: what it all means

Book Ch 26, 27


Thu 5/4

(Open Lecture)



Tue 5/9

Final Quiz


Final Paper due!