Comp Sci 182 / Cog Sci 110 / Ling 109
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Guidelines for Assignments
  • Please type your assignments.
  • Make sure you include the following information:
    • Name
    • SID number
    • Course (CompSci 182, CogSci 110, Ling 109)
    • Section (Wed 10, Wed 4)
  • Turn in your assignment via bSpace
  • If you have discussed the assignment with other students in the course, make sure you include their names on your assignment.
  • Note (recap from the course syllabus):
    Individual homework should be done independently. It is fine to discuss the general techniques and methods required, but you must do your own work in solving the problems and writing up the solutions. Cheating will not be excused and will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct. (See also the Berkeley Code of Student Conduct.)

  • In general, please indicate any information sources other than the course readings, lecture or discussion sections that you use to answer questions.
  • If you are using one of your late days (see the syllabus), please indicate this clearly on your assignment.

Submitting assignments
All assignments must be electronically submitted via bSpace, unless noted otherwise. For non-coding assignments, we will accept Plain Text, Microsoft Word, and Adobe PDF formats, with preference for Plain Text unless diagrams or formatting is needed.

Note: bSpace has two different ways to submit files. One is through the "Assignments" tab, and one is through the "Drop Box" tab. Please submit via the Assignments tab, so that we can easily link your submission to the assignment!