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  • The final project/paper will be due on Monday, May 12.
  • The final quiz will be in class on Thursday, May 8.
  • On Monday, May 5, there will be a final review session from 7-9pm in Soda 310.
  • Assignment 9 is due on Monday, May 5.
  • Assignment 2 is extended, due Thursday, Feb. 14 (what a Valentine's treat!). That is when Assignment 3 will be distributed. We apologize for the difficulties with FANN; we'll have to switch to another program next year.
  • Please take the survey at This survey will allow us to get a feeling for your background. It will also help us reschedule the discussion sections so that they do not interfere with the Cognitive Science colloquium on Friday at 11am.
  • Think you may've missed an annoucement? See the old announcements page.

Objective:To convey the state-of-the-art understanding of how the brain computes the mind, based on Dr. Feldman's book, From Molecule to Metaphor. For more detail, please visit its website.
Lecture:Tuesday and Thursday 12:30-2pm, 247 Cory
Discussion Sections: Friday 11am-12 in 9 Evans Monday 3-4pm in 31 Evans
Friday 12-1pm in 9 Evans
Instructor:Jerome Feldman
Office:739 Soda
Office hours: Monday 1-2pm, Thursday 2-3pm
TA:Leon Barrett l e o n |a| b a r r e t t n e x u s |.| c o m
Office:739 Soda
Office hours: Tuesday 2-3pm
Reader:Nathan Schneider (cs182-ra -at-