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Required texts
  • Book: "From Molecule to Metaphor: A Neural Theory of Language" by Jerome Feldman. (website), available at the campus bookstore
  • Online readings, available below. (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Readings Available Online:
  1. Casasanto, Daniel. 2007. Body-specific representations of action word meanings. Psychological Science. (local copy)
  2. Spelke, Elizabeth and Kinzler, Katherine. 2007. Core knowledge. Developmental Science 10:1, 89-96. (local copy)
  3. Gary S. Dell, Franklin Chang and Zenzi M. Griffin. 1999. Connectionist models of language production: Lexical access and grammatical encoding. Cognitive Science 23(4), 517-542. (local copy)
  4. D. Bailey, J. Feldman, S. Narayanan and G. Lakoff. 1997. Modeling embodied lexical development. Proceedings of the Nineteenth Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Conference. Stanford: Stanford University Press. (pdf) (local copy)
  5. R.A. Brooks, C. Breazeal (Ferrell), R. Irie, C.C. Kemp, M. Marjanovic and M.M. Williamson. 1998. Alternative essences of intelligence. Proceedings AAAI, Proceedings of the Twentieth Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Conference, Madison, Wisconsin. (pdf) (local copy)
  6. N. Badler, R. Bindiganavale, J. Bourne, M. Palmer, J. Shi and W. Schuler. 1998. A parameterized action representation for virtual human agents. Workshop on Embodied Conversational Characters, Lake Tahoe, CA. (pdf) (local copy)
  7. L. Shastri, D. Grannes, S. Narayanan and J. Feldman. 1999. A Connectionist encoding of parameterized schemas and reactive plans. In Hybrid Information Processing in Adaptive Autonomous Vehicles, G.K. Kraetzschmar and G. Palm (Eds.), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence. Berlin: Springer-Verlag. (pdf) (local copy)
  8. Srinivas Narayanan. 1999. Moving right along: A computational model of metaphoric reasoning about events. Proceedings AAAI, Orlando, Florida. (pdf) (local copy)
  9. Srinivas Narayanan and Daniel Jurafsky. 1998. Bayesian models of human sentence processing. Proceedings of the Twentieth Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Conference, Madison, Wisconsin. (pdf) (local copy)
  10. David Bailey, Nancy Chang, Jerome Feldman and Srini Narayanan. 1998. Extending embodied lexical development. Proceedings of the Twentieth Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Conference, Madison, Wisconsin. (pdf) (local copy)
  11. Nancy Chang and Eva Mok. (2006). A Structured Context Model for Grammar Learning. International Joint Conference on Neural Networks. Vancouver, BC.(pdf) (local copy)
  12. Leon Barrett, Jerome Feldman, and Liam Mac Dermed. 2006. ICSI Tech Report tr-06-001: A (Somewhat) New Solution to the Binding Problem.(pdf) (local copy)
  13. Funk, Shiffrar, and Brugger. 2005. Hand movement observation by individuals born without hands: phantom limb experience constrains visual limb perception. Exp Brain Res, 164: 341-346. (local copy)
  14. P M Matthews and P Jezzard. 2004. Functional magnetic resonance imaging. J. Neurol. Neurosurg. Psychiatry; 75; 6-12. (local copy)
  15. Susumu Mori and Jiangyang Zhang. 2006. Principles of Diffusion Tensor Imaging and Its Applications to Basic Neuroscience Research. Neuron, 51; 527-539.(local copy)
  16. An NPR story about the study of color words in language. (link)
  17. Gallese, V. and Lakoff, G. (2005) The brain's concepts: The role of the sensory-motor system in conceptual structure. Cognitive Neuropsychology, 22, 455-479. (.doc)
  18. Advances in SHRUTI -- A neurally motivated model of relational knowledge representation and rapid inference using temporal synchrony, L. Shastri. Applied Intelligence., 11, 79-108 (1999). (.ps) (local copy, .pdf)
  19. Computational roles for dopamine in behavioural control. P. Montague, S. Hyman, and J. Cohen. Nature, (October, 2004). (local .pdf)

Additional / Reserve readings
The following readings are reserved at the Engineering library:
  1. Feldman, Jerome A.: From molecule to metaphor: a neural theory of language (P107 .F445 2006)
  2. Goldberg, Adele E.: Constructions at work : the nature of generalization in language (P37 .G65 2006)
  3. Jurafsky, Dan: Speech and language processing : an introduction to natural language processing, computational linguistics, and speech recognition (P98 .J87 2000)
    Chapter 9
  4. Lakoff, George: Philosophy in the flesh : the embodied mind and its challenge to Western thought (BD418.3 .L35 1999)
    Chapters 3-5
  5. Pinker, Steven: How the mind works (QP360.5 .P56 1999)
    Chapter 3
  6. Regier, Terry: The human semantic potential : spatial language and constrained connectionism (P37.5.S67 R44 1996) (also available electronically)
    Chapters 1 and 6

Other useful books