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Computing resources
General information
  • We will pass out class accounts during the first discussion sections.
  • All students should register by following the registration instructions.
    Submission and grade entry/lookup software will not function properly unless you register with the class.
    CS 182 class accounts automatically run the registration program the first time you log in.
    If you make a mistake, just type "re-register" at the prompt to try again.
  • Assignment Submission instructions.
  • Additional online resources:
Note that grade lookup software is mostly useful for verifying what grade you received; the "Weight" fields and "Total" score is not very informative and should be ignored.

Soda labs
The later assignments in the course are designed to run on the UNIX platform, and in most cases they have been tailored to run on the machines in 275-277 Soda, which are Solaris X86 machines.

See here for scheduling information for these labs, and here for general information about EECS Instructional Labs. You may also wish to browse the EECS Instructional Support pages.
  • See our UNIX help page for information on some basic UNIX commands.
  • If you have ssh and x-windows at home (if you can run x-windows graphics remotely), you may be able to run the programs by remotely logging into one of the machines in rooms 275-277, like pulsar.cs or quasar.cs.
  • See our SSH help page for explicit instructions on how to transfer files from home to a remote Soda server.
  • See this document for help on running Java on the Soda machines. (Essentially, the path you must specify depends on what machine you're using.)