Start-of-Term Survey: CS 182/CogSci 110/Ling 109

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  3. Major(s):
  4. Coursework
    Have completed Am currently taking Neither
    CS 3
    CS 61A
    CS 61B or equivalent
    CS 188
    Ling 5 or Ling 100
    Ling C105/CogSci C101

  5. Which topic areas of this course most interest you? Check all that apply:
  6. Which of the following terms, if any, do you understand well enough to explain to someone else? (Don't worry, they'll all be explained in the course.)
  7. Discussion sections for the first week will be F 11-12 and F 12-1, but in future weeks the time might be changed to accommodate more people. Which of the following section times would work for you? Check all that apply.

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    • If you are a DSP student and have not already contacted the staff, please do so at via email or in office hours.