A Final Project Webpage
CS184 - Spring 2004
Roger Bock and Tolga Goktekin


As stated in our project proposal, we decided to do A and B. Here would be a few more sentences describing what we did at a high level. Also, note our photos above. We want you to put thumbnail images of yourselves like this on your webpage. That way we can quickly connect the content of this webpage with the presentation that we saw on Wednesday. Please, put real pictures of yourself here - joke pictures will make us angry.


Here I'd describe what features we implemented, what techniques we used, and maybe even cite some sources.

One thing to note when designing your webpages: please stick to relatively traditional foreground and background colors. No one likes to read puce on black text.

The above equation shows how we derived blah. Here is some more explanation.


Here is an image that demonstrates something that we succeeded at. Note that the image file format I have chosen looks high quality but the file is still small. Please don't have webpages that take a minute to load.

Here is an image that demonstrates something that we did not do as well at:

Here is a video showing our results:

Subdivision of Work

Roger cs184-tb - Coding and image selection. I used the "Notepad" library to do all the text editing. I am being very clear about what parts of this work are mine and what parts came from someone else. Using external libraries is fine, but failure to indicate that you did so is VERY VERY BAD.

Tolga cs184-ta - Halo.

Supporting Materials

Our source code is located in blah, where blah is a directory on some machine that the professor and the TAs can access. Similarly, if we used Powerpoint, our presentation is located here.