CS 186, Fall 2002, Notes on the Final Exam


Exam is scheduled for 8:00am Friday 12/13 in rooms 9 & 100 Lewis.


The exam will be closed book but you can bring two (2)

8.5x11 inch sheets of notes (double sided).


The exam is all inclusive, but the emphasis will be on

material covered since the midterm (approximately 2/3

since the midterm, 1/3 from before).


You are responsible for:

1) material covered in lecture and lecture notes

2) questions related to *all phases* of the project (except extra-credit such a Full 2Q)

3) associated chapters of the book as detailed below:




Ch 1 - INTRO

      All Sections

Ch 2 - ER Model

      All Sections

Ch 3 - Relational Model

      All Sections

Ch 4 - Relational Alg and Calc

      Must know Algebra and one of the

      Cacluli (your choice - domain or tuple)

Ch 5 - SQL

      All Sections

Ch 15 - Schema Refinement

      All except 15.8 (fancier normal forms)




Ch 25- Object Relational Databases

     Be familiar with notes from lecture and techniques

    used in project 3

XML - Just understand what the issues are compared

    to relational (covered in lecture notes)


Ch 7 - Disks and Files

      All except 7.2

Ch 8 - File organization and Indexes

      All Sections

Ch 9 - Tree structured Indexes

      All Sections

Ch 10- Hash based Indexes

      All Sections

Ch 12- Relational Operator Evaluation

      All except: "Hybrid Hash Join" (basic Hash join is


Ch 13- Query Opt Intro

      All Sections

Ch 14- System R Query Opt

      All except "Improved Statistics: Histograms"

Ch 16- Physical Design/Tuning

      All except 16.11

Ch 18- Intro to Transactions

      All Sections

Ch 19- Concurrency Control

      All except 19.3.2 (B-tree locking) and 19.5 (optimistic CC, etc)

Ch 20- Recovery

      All Sections