Project II Grading Procedures

Last Revised 10/14/02

There are two portions to the grading for Project II

  1. Auto-grading of the API
  2. Group presentation to your TA


The auto-grading portion will test the to make sure the API interface works correctly. To re-iterate, you MUST NOT CHANGE the function headers and data structures. The procedure will work as follows

  1. Each group should submit the following files:
    - fnfbc.php (you may remove your password prior to submission)
    - datastruct.php
    - www.tar (a tar file containing all your webpages)
    - schema.sql (a SQL script that loads your DDL, no data!)
    - pretest.sql (OPTIONAL: a SQL script that loads basic data, see below)
    - pretest.php (OPTIONAL: a PHP script that loads basic data, see below)
    - README (contains notes to the TA)
  2. The procedure for testing is:
    - We will edit your fnfbc.php to set the connection constants to the correct settings for our grading database
    - We will create a clean database to test your project
    - We will run your schema.sql
    - We will run your pretest.sql to load general data that the API can not load such as bank branches, account types, etc. You may pre-load answers, customers, or anything the API handles. If you do not need to load any data, that is completely fine (if you use our schema you shouldn't have to)
    - We will run your pretest.php. Same rules apply as with pretest.sql. Use this script instead of pretest.sql if you prefer to use PHP.
    - We will run our testing program which will call your fnfbc.php. To run the test program, at the command line run: php gtest.php (note, fnfbc.php and gtest-support.php must be in the same directory)
    - Our testing program will load the test data and periodically test for a certain state in the database (or output of a function), each checkpoint your program successfully passes will be worth points. At the end it will print out the number of points earned.

To assist you in your development we will provide a partial test script. It is in your best interest to make sure our script runs correctly BEFORE you submit. Obviously, our test script is not complete (point values subject to change), it wouldn't be fun to give you everything.

A BETA of the test script we will give you is HERE, it requires one support file located HERE. The files are PHP scripts, however to allow you to download them properly, they have a .txt extension. It is based on the test data provided, however may be slightly different. If you believe the script is not correct, please email

When you are ready to submit, move all files into the same directory and type: "submit Project-II". You will be prompted for your group members logins and which files you want to submit. Each group only needs to submit ONCE. 


The presentations will occur the Oct 22 through Oct 26. A signup sheet with 15 minutes slots is posted outside Soda 421.

The purpose of the presentation is to show your webpage and design support queries.

We will post more information later in the week.