Basic Info
 Lecture Notes
  • HW1 grading material:
    • New buftest.c file created for grading. buftest.c
      NOTE: format has change, but for the better.

    • Binary compiled with CLOCK solution!! [buftest]

    • Sample input file. [mypattern.txt]
      NOTE: This is just a sample. The version used for grading will be much more thorough, and will not be made public (sorry).
  • Help session material:
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  • PostgreSQL documentation
  • Postgres developer website
  • JDBC documentation

  • "C for Java Programmers" is here.

  • Debugging tools

  • Pgaccess documentation

  • Mimer SQL documentation and an online Mimer SQL validator to check that your SQL conforms to the standard.

  • Software on EECS Instructional Computing Systems