University of California, Berkeley

CS 186: Introduction to Database Systems

Spring 2003

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Announcements and Upcoming Events:

  • 5/18: Example final exam available here
  • 5/18: Slides from final exam review session: [Normalization] [CC&R]
  • 5/17: Homework 4 solutions are available here.
  • 5/14: Finals review session will be held in 60 Evans this Sunday (18th May) from 10am-noon.
  • 5/11: Homework 6 grading is done! Solution is here.
  • 4/28: Midterm solutions are posted here
  • 4/25: Prof. Hellerstein's office hours will change the next two weeks, and you must email him in advance if you wish to see him. Please see his posting from the newsgroup.
  • 4/20: Homework 6 is posted! It is due 4/28 midnight. This assignment is to be done individually.
  • 4/4: Homework 5 has been posted!! It is due 4/18 midnight. This homework is to be done in your groups.
  • 4/4: PHP documentation is available here.
  • 4/3: Homework 3 solutions.
  • 4/1:Thursday midnight (3 Apr) is the deadline for group switches. Contact Boon if you plan to do so. This is a HARD deadline.
  • 4/1: This is not a joke! Project IV is posted here (from Fall 2002). Solutions will be posted after discuss sections this week.
  • 3/13: Some practice midterm questions: Midterm/Final questions before Spring 2001; Fall 2002: midterm(exam, practice/ solution), final(practice /solution). The lectures are taught in different order this semester. You should skip the questions in midterms which are not relevant. You may also need to look at some of the final questions which are relevant.
  • 3/11: The midterm review session is coming up. Details on the plans for the session have been posted in the newsgroup. Here is information on when and where:
    Date : Sunday, 16 March 2003
    Time : 7pm - 9pm
    Venue: 60 Evans
  • 3/07: Homework 3 has been posted! It is due 3/14. This assignment is to be done individually.
  • 2/26: Added a script to help you test the results of your code. The script is at ~cs186/sp03/Hw2/ Details on how to use it have been posted to the newsgroup.
  • 2/25: Updated the hw2 package with the new postgresql-7.2.2/src/tools directory. This has scripts to generate TAGS files for Emacs and Vi. It also has the make_diff scripts you will use to create the patch for extra credit. Details have been posted in the newsgroup.
  • 2/19: Now you can work on hw2 from home. Pick up the package form ~cs186/sp03/Hw2/hw2_home_pkg.tar.gz - follow the instructions posted on the newsgroup. Note that this is not an "officially" supported distribution. Support is only on a "best-effort" basis. You MUST make sure your code runs on the instructional machines.
  • 2/14: Project 2 is out. It's due on March 7.
  • 2/6: Please submit "prj1_review": every student should submit it individually, review the contribution to Project 1 of each student in your group.
  • 2/4: Btree Demo is posted HERE.  It is a 2MB Java Applet, so it may take a while to start up.
  • 2/3: Group Registation Website is here. Make sure to register your group by 2/6/2003.
  • 2/3: When reporting problems with the project, please give us the entire error message you see. An email, or a newsgroup posting, that says "it doesn't work", or "there are errors" aren't much use for us, or your colleagues, in helping you. Thanks !
  • 1/29: Slides from the review session are up !
  • 1/29: The homework1 package (~cs186/sp03/Hw1/hw1_pkg.tar.gz) has been updated. The current version will support the use of a debugger. You will only be able to change the files in postgresql-7.2.2/src/backend/storage/buffer or postgresql-7.2.2/src/include/storage although you can step through the entire code with a debugger. If you really really need to change any other file, first cd to the directory that contains the file and then type the command presto filename first.
  • 1/29: Using ddd with postgres: a short document that explains the use of ddd with postgres on the EECS instructional computing machines. This is basically a review of what was showed by Sailesh in his office hours on 1/29.
  • 1/29: For those who want to run postgres on their home machines, you should instead use ~cs186/sp03/Hw1/nodbg_hw1_pkg.tar.gz. Remember to copy any files in ~cs186 referenced in the scripts in Hw1/exec. To use a debugger you should change the script Hw1/postgresql-7.2.2/ Replace ./configure with env CFLAGS='-g' ./configure --enable-debug.
  • 1/28: Homework 1 has been posted! It is due at 5PM on Tues, Feb. 11.
  • 1/28: Class Account Forms: These are no longer available. If you haven't yet submitted homework 0 you will not be able to get into the class. Please take all questions/issues to your GSI in section.
  • 1/27: Discussion section 102 (W 10-11) will now meet in 155 Donner Lab.
  • 1/24: We will give the special section about "Debugging with PostgreSQL" at 6-8pm on Jan 29, 306 Soda Hall.
  • 1/24: "C for Java Programmers" is here.
  • 1/24: Synonyms encountered in class.
  • 1/21: Installing pgaccess on your own? Please replace the files lib/connections.tcl and lib/preferences.tcl with our slightly-modified versions: [connections.tcl], [preferences.tcl]
  • Homework 0 is here.
  • Upcoming events are posted at the bottom of this month's calendar.