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University of California, Berkeley

CS 186: Introduction to Database Systems

Spring 2005

TuTh 3:30-5pm, 2060 Valley LSB, Dr. Megan Thomas

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Welcome to CS186, a hands-on introduction to Database Systems: their internal architecture, algorithms and data structures, their theoretical underpinnings, and their use.  Topics include:

Work for the course includes team-oriented programming projects based on extensions to the PostgreSQL open-source database system, originally developed right here at Berkeley and now used worldwide.

Announcements and Upcoming Events

5/21/2005 Final exam grades are in glookup.  Final exams can be picked up from Brian, in 517 Soda.  Monday afternoon is good, or email him.  (He will be in Soda Hall "quite a bit" next week.)  Final exam answer key is here.
5/13/05 Midterm 1 answer key and Midterm 2 answer key are still on-line.
5/13/05 Homework 5 solution available here.
4/28/05 Homework 5 available on the Homeworks page.
4/21/05 Homework 4 due date moved back 48 hours, to Wednesday April 27th.
4/21/05 FINAL REVIEW Friday May 13th, 3-5pm in 306 Soda.
4/21/05 Ben's office hours permanently changed on Fridays.  Now at 4-5pm, in 711 Soda.
4/20/05 Guest speaker in class April 28th!  Mike Olson of Sleepycat Software.
4/17/05 HW4 database constraint relaxed; see red text in updated HW4 documentation.
4/8/05 Ben's office hours (11-noon) cancelled on 4/8 and 4/15.
3/20/05 HW3 version posted 3/15 had small but vital typo - fixed version now up.
3/10/05 HW2 due date extended to Fri, 3/18 at 7pm.  First slip day used for HW2 is worth 48 hours, not 24 hours.
2/17/05 Use cs186 at imail.eecs or mct at imail.eecs to contact Megan.
2/11/05 Brian's 2/14 office hours cancelled.  Additional office hours 2/15, 10-11am, 517 Soda, instead.
2/11/05 Megan's office hours on 2/17 cancelled.  Upon request, office hours Wed 2/16 could be scheduled.
2/3/05 Ben's office hours venue is now 751 Soda Hall
2/2/05 Homework 1, Part 1 deadline extended 24 hours, to 2/4 at 5pm.
1/31/05 Homework 1 LIRS algorithm explanations have been clarified, so take a fresh look at the HW1 www page.
1/27/05 Homework 1 is on the homework WWW page!
1/25/05 Project group registration should be done here.
1/18/05 No discussion section this week (Wed 1/19).  Sections will begin next week.


Welcome to CS 186!