This lecture schedule is subject to change. In particular, the midterm date will not be finalized until a week or so into the course.
You may want to look at last term's slides, but there will be changes.
Note: Unreleased project out and due dates are just guesses and will likely change somewhat.

Webcasts are now available! If you are registered for the class, you should have received an email with login information (which should not be posted publicly) for the webcasts and restricted readings.

Day Topic Reading Slides Out Due
Th 8/26 Introduction to AI Ch. 1 2PP 6PP P0: Tutorial 9/1
Tu 8/31 Agents and Search Ch. 3.1-4 (2e: Ch. 3) 2PP 6PP P1: Search 9/14
Th 9/2 A* Search and Heuristics Ch. 3.5-6 (2e: Ch. 4.1-2) 2PP 6PP    
Tu 9/7 Constraint Satisfaction Problems Ch. 6.1 (2e: Ch. 5.1) 2PP 6PP W1: Search and CSPs 9/28
Th 9/9 CSPs II Ch. 6.2-5 (2e: Ch. 5.2-4) 2PP 6PP    
Tu 9/14 Game Trees: Minimax Ch. 5.2-5 (2e: Ch. 6.2-5) 2PP 6PP P2: Multi-Agent Pacman 9/30
Th 9/16 Game Trees: Expectimax Ch. 5.2-5 (2e: Ch. 6.2-5) 2PP 6PP    
Tu 9/21 Utility Theory Ch. 16.1-3 2PP 6PP    
Th 9/23 Markov Decision Processes Sutton and Barto Ch. 3-4 2PP 6PP    
Tu 9/28 MDPs II Ch. 17.1-3, S&B Ch. 6.1,2,5 2PP 6PP P3: Reinforcement Learning 10/13
Th 9/30 Reinforcement Learning   2PP 6PP    
Tu 10/5 Reinforcement Learning II   2PP 6PP W2: MDPs, RL, and Probability 10/21
Th 10/7 Probability Ch. 13.1-5 (2e: Ch. 13.1-6) 2PP 6PP  
Tu 10/12 Bayes' Nets: Representation Ch. 14.1-2,4 2PP 6PP
Th 10/14 Bayes' Nets: Independence Ch. 14.3, Jordan 2.1 2PP 6PP    
Tu 10/19 Bayes' Nets: Inference Ch. 14.4-5 2PP 6PP  
Th 10/21 Bayes' Nets: Sampling Ch. 14.4-5 2PP 6PP  
Tu 10/26 MIDTERM EXAM (5-8pm)  
Th 10/28 Decision Diagrams / VPI Ch. 15.1-3, 6 2PP 6PP
Tu 11/2 HMMs: Filtering Ch. 15.2,5 2PP 6PP
Th 11/4 HMMs: Particle Filtering Ch. 15.2,6 2PP 6PP P4: Ghostbusters 11/17
Tu 11/9 Speech / ML Ch. 15.2,6 2PP 6PP Contest: Pacman Capture the Flag 12/1
Th 11/11 NO CLASS
Tu 11/16 ML: Naive Bayes   2PP 6PP W3: Bayes Nets, HMMs, Classification 11/23
Th 11/18 ML: Perceptrons   2PP 6PP P5: Classification  
Tu 11/23 Language / Robotics / Vision   2PP 6PP    
Th 11/25 NO CLASS
Tu 11/30 Language / Robotics / Vision   2PP 6PP    
Th 12/2 Advanced Topics and Final Contest   2PP 6PP    
F 12/17 FINAL EXAM (8-11am)