About the Exam

The final exam will be held on Friday, December 16th from 8am to 11am in 230 Hearst Gym if the last digit of your student ID number is odd, and 237 Hearst Gym if the last digit of your student ID number is even.

The final is comprehensive and covers material from both before and after the midterm exam.

The final will be closed notes, books, laptops, and people. However, you may use two two-sided cheat sheets (i.e. four sides of paper total) of your own design (group design okay but not recommended). You may wish to reuse your sheet from the midterm exam and prepare your second sheet with material from the second half of the course.

You may also use a basic, non-programmable calculator, which is not required, but which may be helpful and is recommended. (No TI-86's, iPhones, etc.)

Practice Exams

You can also look at much older exams from other versions of the class, but be aware that the syllabus has changed over time.

Review Sessions and Office Hours

Topical review: Office hours from 12/5 up through the exam will be held according to a special schedule. The majority of office hours during this period will be themed review sessions, as were held prior to the midterm, but there will also be usual office hours where you may ask general questions.

RRR and finals week office hours (in progress):

SearchTuesday 12/13, 2pm-3pm611 SodaGeorgia
SearchWednesday 12/14, 2pm-3pm611 SodaWoody
CSPsTuesday 12/13, 5pm-6pm651 SodaBharath
GamesWednesday 12/14 11:00am-noon611 SodaJon Long
MDPs and RLMonday 12/12, 10:30am-noon611 SodaMohit
MDPs and RLWednesday 12/14, 3pm-4pm611 SodaWoody
Bayes' NetsMonday 12/12, noon-1:30pm411 SodaGeorgia
Bayes' NetsTuesday 12/13, noon-1:00pm611 SodaJon Long
Utility, VPITuesday 12/13, 3pm-4:30pm651 SodaBharath
Utility, VPI
HMMs and Particle Filtering  Friday 12/9, 4pm-5:30pm611 SodaMohit
HMMs and Particle Filtering  Monday 12/12, 9-10am611 SodaWoody
HMMs and Particle Filtering  Thursday 12/15, 2pm-3pm411 Soda  Greg
Machine LearningThursday 12/8, 2pm-3:30pm651 SodaGeorgia
Machine LearningFriday 12/9, 2pm-3:30pm411 SodaBharath
Machine LearningThursday 12/15, 3pm-4:30pm  411 Soda  Greg
GeneralWednesday 12/7, 4pm-6pm611 SodaBharath
GeneralThursday 12/8, 3:30pm-5pm411 SodaGreg
GeneralMonday 12/12, 4:30pm-6pm611 SodaMohit
GeneralTuesday 12/13, 3pm-4pm611 SodaGeorgia
GeneralWednesday 12/14, noon-1pm611 SodaJon Long
GeneralWednesday 12/14, 1pm-2pm611 SodaWoody
GeneralThursday 12/15, 4:30pm-5:30pm611 SodaGreg

Possible Final Topics

Note: exam questions will in many cases ask you to extend or combine basic ideas and algorithms from class. Make sure you understand the fundamentals in addition to being able to procedurally execute algorithms. The exam will not test your knowledge of Python, however questions may assume familiarity with the projects (see past exams for examples).


Constraint Satisfaction Problems:


Markov Decision Processes:

Reinforcement Learning:


Bayes' Nets:


HMMs and Particle Filtering:

Machine Learning: