About the Exam

The final exam will be held on Friday May 11th, 11:30am-2:30pm in 1 Pimentel.

All materials covered in the course are fair game for the final exam.

The exam will be closed notes, books, laptops, and people. However, you may use three one-page (two-sided) cheat sheets of your own design (group design okay but not recommended).

You may also use a basic, non-programmable calculator, which is not required, but which may be helpful. (No TI-86's, iPhones, etc.)

Here is the practice final. We will give two percentage points of extra credit on the final for submitting your solution to the practice final in any of the review lectures, review sessions, or office hours listed below. The last opportunity is on Friday May 4th! We recommend that you first work on the practice final for a 3 hour block on your own (simulating the actual final duration) and then afterwards discuss with fellow cs188 students to further enhance your understanding.

UPDATE: Practice final solution.

Review Lecture

Time Location Topic
Tu 5/1 5pm-6:30pm 10 Evans Final Review Session 1: Search, CSPs, Game Trees, Utility, MDPS, RL
Th 5/3 5pm-6:30pm 10 Evans Final Review Session 2: Probability, Bayes' Nets, HMMs, DBNs, Particle Filtering, Viterbi, Decision Diagrams, VPI, ML

Office Hours

The bulk of our office hours is during RRR week. During finals week we will have two office hours to catch any last questions you might have.

Finals week office hours:

Topic Time Location Instructor
General Wed 2-3pm 611 Soda Hall Woody Hoburg
General Thu 4-5pm 746 Sutardja Dai Hall Pieter Abbeel

Instead of regular office hours, office hours in RRR week will be held according to a special schedule. There will the Review Session Office Hours, Themed Office Hours, and General Office Hours.

RRR week office hours (in progress):

Topic Time Location Instructor
Review: Search, CSPs, Game Trees Thu 10-11am 380 Soda Hall Woody Hoburg
Themed: Search, CSPs, Game Trees Mon 5-6pm 611 Soda Hall Woody Hoburg
Review: Utility, MDPs and RL Mon 9:30-10:30am 320 Soda Hall Woody Hoburg
Themed: Utility, MDPs and RL Wed 1:30-2:30pm 751 Soda Yangqing Jia
Review: Probability and Bayes' nets Wed 2:30-3:30pm 751 Soda Yangqing Jia
Themed: Probability and Bayes' nets Tue 1-2pm751 Soda Hall Jon Long
Review: Machine Learning Thu 4-5pm 651 Soda Hall Jon Long
Themed: Machine Learning Tue 3-4pm 611 Soda Hall Arjun Singh
General Wed 4-5pm 730 Sutardja Dai Hall Pieter Abbeel
General Thu 2-3pm 611 Soda Hall Arjun Singh
General Fri 2-3pm 746 Sutardja Dai Hall Pieter Abbeel
General Tue 2-3pm 751 Soda Hall Arjun Singh

Aside from the final exam preparation office hours, there will also be office hours on Monday of RRR week for Project 5 and Electronic Assignment 9.
Topic Time Location Instructor
Electronic Assignment 9 Mon 10:30am-11:30am 746 Sutardja Dai Hall Pieter Abbeel
P5 Mon 3:00pm-4:00pm 7th floor Sutardja Dai Hall Yangqing Jia

Practice Exams

Note that in previous years, about the same but not exactly the same topics were covered.

You can also look at much older exams from other versions of the class, but be aware that the syllabus has changed over time.