About the Exam

Midterm II will be held on Thursday March 22nd, 5-7pm in 2050 Valley LSB.

It will cover the following materials (see lecture schedule for corresponding slides): Utility Theory, Markov Decision Processes, Reinforcement Learning, Probability, Bayes' nets: Representation, Independence, Inference and Sampling.

The midterm will be closed notes, books, laptops, and people. However, you may use a one-page (two-sided) cheat sheet of your own design (group design okay but not recommended).

You may also use a basic, non-programmable calculator, which is not required, but which may be helpful. (No TI-86's, iPhones, etc.)

We have posted a practice midterm, and we will give two percentage points of extra credit for submitting your solution to the practice midterm in lecture on Tuesday 3/20 at 5:00pm. We will then hand out the solutions to the practice midterm. We recommend that you first work on the practice midterm for a 2 hour block on your own (simulating the actual midterm duration) and then afterwards discuss with other students to further enhance your understanding.

Review Lecture

The lecture on Tuesday 3/20 will be a Midterm II Review Lecture. Afterwards we will also be available for questions. There will be no sections during the week of Midterm II.

Office Hours

Instead of regular office hours, office hours in the week of the midterm will be held according to a special schedule. The majority of office hours during this period will be themed, but there will also be office hours where you may ask general questions (see below).

Midterm I week office hours (in progress):

Topic Time Location GSI
Utility, MDPs and RL Mon 5-6pm 611 Soda (Alcove) Woody Hoburg
Utility, MDPs and RL Wed 2-3pm 71 Evans Yangqing Jia
Utility, MDPs and RL Wed 1-2pm 105 Latimer Jon Long
Probability and Bayes' nets Tue 3-4pm 611 Soda Arjun Singh
Probability and Bayes' nets Tue 4-5pm 611 Soda Arjun Singh
Probability and Bayes' nets Wed 3-4pm 71 Evans Yangqing Jia
General Tues 10-11am 611 Soda (Alcove) Woody Hoburg
General Thurs 1-2pm 611 Soda Jon Long
GeneralWednesday 4-5pm 730 Sutardja Dai Hall Prof. Abbeel

Practice Exams

Note that in previous years, topics were covered in varying orders, and so the midterm topics do not align perfectly. Also, in previous years there was only one midterm, and it was about 2/3 into the semester.

You can also look at much older exams from other versions of the class, but be aware that the syllabus has changed over time.