Quantum Information: Chem191, CS191, Phys191

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1. There will be a special section in room 310 Soda Hall from 4-6 pm this Tuesday (9/2). You are encouraged to send one question in advance to vonkorff (at) socrates.berkeley.edu.

2. Lecture notes are online.

8/29: Homework is online.


To view postscript (ps) files, download Aladdin Ghostview from http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost/

Homework 1 (ps) (pdf) due Friday 9/5

Lecture Notes:

To view postscript (ps) files, download Aladdin Ghostview from http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost/

Lecture 1 (ps)
(pdf) Tuesday 8/26
Lecture 2 (ps) (pdf) Tuesday 8/28
Lecture 3 (ps) (pdf) Tuesday 9/2
Lecture 4 (ps) (pdf) Tuesday 9/4
Lecture 5 (ps) (pdf) Tuesday 9/9


Michael Crommie
office: 361 Birge
Monday 9 - 10

K Birgitta Whaley
219 Gilman
hours: Wednesday 11 - 12

Umesh Vazirani
office: 671 Soda
hours: Tuesday 3:45 - 4:45

Teaching Assistants

Ben Reichardt
office: 593 Soda
hours: Wednesday 1 - 2

Joshua Von Korff
46 Gilman
hours: to be announced


For all topics, the first recommended reading is the lecture notes. For a second point of view, or if the notes are confusing, try the page numbers listed below.

Tuesday 8/26

Young's double slit experiment: see lecture notes
Quantum bits: Nielsen & Chuang p. 13 - 15
Measurement: see lecture notes

Thursday 8/28
Hadamard gate: Nielsen & Chuang p. 19
Entanglement: Nielsen & Chuang p. 95 - 96
CNOT gate: Nielsen & Chuang p. 20 - 21
Bell's inequality / EPR: see lecture notes

Tuesday 9/2
Inner products:
Tensor products:

Recommended reading

1. Lecture Notes online

On quantum computation

2 . Nielsen and Chuang, Quantum Computation and Quantum Information

Highly recommended.

On quantum mechanics in general

3. Feynman, Richard P. The Feynman Lectures on Physics, volume 3

A famous introduction to undergraduate physics. Good section on 2-state systems.

4. Griffiths, David J. Quantum Mechanics

Very clear explanations, doesn't cover everything.

5. Liboff, Richard L. Introductory Quantum Mechanics

Good coverage, explanations are mediocre.

6. Baym, Gordon. Lectures on Quantum Mechanics

Graduate level textbook.

7. Feynman, Richard. QED

Nice leisure reading.