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This is the schedule for the project presentations, last updated Mon 11/28 at 4:14pm. Please e-mail Birgitta and Jan ASAP if you are unable to make the scheduled times. Due to a somewhat large number of groups, we have had to go a little past the scheduled section and lecture times

Since we are on a pretty tight schedule, we would like to start the presentations promptly at 5:10 on Wednesday and 12:40 on Thursday. We therefore ask that the groups that do the first presentation each day please arrive at 5:00 and 12:30 sharp respectively, or however long in advance you need to arrive in order to set up and be ready to start the presentation at 5:10/12:40.

All the presentations are held in 410 Hearst Mining Building. We strongly encourage everyone to attend and listen to all the presentations, or as many as you are able to. Part of the objective is for the presenters to get feedback from the audience in order to make improvements to the written report. We therefore hope to have as large an audience as possible. Pizza will be provided!

Wednesday November 30

5:10 Quantum Error Correction 1 Madhur Tulsiani, Gilho Lee
5:30 Optical Lattices Ben Zaks, Victor Acosta
5:50 Quantum Dots Timothy Paik, Marcus Dahlström, Michael Nip
6:10 Silicon-based Quantum Computing Cheuk Chi Lo, Kinyip Phoa
6:30 Superconducting Josephson Junction Qubits Scott Woody, Matt Velasco, Rhea George

Thursday December 1

12:40 Architectures for Quantum Computing Scott Beamer, Guanxiong Mao, Youming Yang
1:00 Quantum Error Correction 2 Xiaoyi Tang, Paul McGuirk
1:20 Molecular Magnets Addison Huegel, Richard Cresswell
1:40 The Oracle in Quantum Algorithms Jesse Dhillon, Ben Schmid, Lin Xu
2:00 Adiabatic Quantum Computing Vlad Goldenberg, Maciek Sakrejda