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Here are the project presentation slides that we have received so far (as of Dec 8). If you have not yet submitted yours, please do so as soon as possible. Let us know if there are any technical issues with submitting them that you need help with.

Note that many of the pdf files below are generated from PowerPoint files. In some cases symbols and equations may not have been converted correctly. If you spot an error of this type, and in particular if you know how to fix it, please let us know.

Adiabatic Quantum Computation [PowerPoint, pdf]
Architectures for Quantum Computation [PowerPoint]
Quantum Error Correction 1 [pdf]
Quantum Error Correction 2 [PowerPoint, pdf]
Molecular Magnets [PowerPoint, pdf]
Quantum Oracles [PowerPoint, pdf]
Optical Lattices [PowerPoint]
Quantum Dots [PowerPoint]
Superconducting Qubits [PowerPoint]
Silicon-based Quantum Computation [PowerPoint]