Project presentation schedule

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This is the schedule for the project presentations.

Since we are on a pretty tight schedule, we would like to start the presentations promptly at 12:40 on Tuesday and at 12:30 on Thursday. We therefore ask that the groups that do the first presentation each day please arrive early, in order to set up and be ready to start the presentation at 12:40/12:30.

Tuesday December 4

12:40 Quantum Optics, Quantum Computation and Communication Jean Currivan and Tam Minh Le
1:00 Quantum Digital Signatures Alvin Chyang and Michael Wang
1:20 Applications of Quantum Random Walks Peter DeVore and Yinbo Shi
1:40 Adiabatic Quantum Computing Griffin Foster and Dennis Chan

Thursday December 6

12:30 Optical Lattice QC Fred Fannon and Daniel Killebrew
12:50 Quantum Random Walks Tristan Gagnon-Bartsch and Johan Gagnon-Bartsch
1:10 Ion Trap QC Boyan Tabakov and Shuo Wang
1:30 Applications of Atom-photon entanglement Guilherme Miranda and Dong Huichan
1:50 Realization of quantum teleportation Monika Cichron and Daniel Forchheimer