Guidelines for term projects

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For the final month of the course you will be working on a term project. Here is some information and guidelines for the project:


Your project can be about any topic within quantum computation, quantum information and the broader field of information-oriented quantum physics. You choose a topic yourselves, but it must be approved by the instructor. You should work together preferably in groups of two.


The project consists of two parts:

  • (1) a written report (5-10 pages, typed)
  • (2) an oral presentation (20 minutes !!!). In your report, you should also indicate which group member is primarily responsible for which part of the report.

    Suggested topics

    The following are some suggestions on broad topics for term projects. There are very few references on this page, but if you look at the web page for for Spring 2005, you can find an extensive list of references for some topics there just below the lecture notes, although this list needs some cleaning (also, the notation used in referencing journals may or may not be clear to you, ask us if you need help to interpret it). You should also be able to find plenty of material (perhaps even too much) for most of the topics online just by googling. An alternative is to go straight to the Los Alamos preprint archive (link on the class web page). You can also ask us if you want us to recommend some reading material. If you find some references that you think are especially good, then let us know, and we can add it to the webpage for future use.

    These are just suggestions, feel free to suggest others (although we do reserve the right to approve or not approve your suggestion).