CS194-7, Fall 2008

"This senior-level course will introduce undergraduate students to the
rapidly expanding, multi-disciplinary field of  microfabricated systems.
It will present the fundamentals of micromachining and microfabrication
techniques (including photolithography,thin film and bulk etching and
deposition and polymer fabrication). The course will then delve into the
fundamentals of transduction mechanisms, particularly as they apply to
sensing and transduction. Capacitive, piezoresistive, thermal
fundamentals will be covered; basic microfluidics will be covered. The
course will have a heavy emphasis on multi-domain analysis (ie.
thermal-mechanical, electromechanical analysis). Armed with these basic
concepts, the course will cover design and analysis of microfabricated
sensors and actuators using these techniques. Many examples of existing
devices and their applications will be reviewed."

Also see http://www.eecs.berkeley.edu/Courses/Data/735.html