Social Implications of Computing

    CS (H)195, Fall 2013

CS H195 Schedule

Each 80-minute Monday meeting consists of an in-class activity followed by a pre-lecture on the following week's topic.

Each 80-minute Tuesday Honors-only meeting consists mostly of small-group and whole-class discussion of the previous day's topic.

Readings are from the course reader unless there's a link to an online source or the reading is marked with "[ES]," in which case they're in the textbook.

(9/23,9/24) Intellectual Property (Ethics slides)

Reading for Monday 9/30:

  • Hospers, "The Best..." [ES 3-11]
  • Rachels, "The Best..." [ES 12-16]
  • Aristotle, "The Best..." [ES 16-20]
  • Macintyre, "After Virtue" (longer excerpt)

Honors term paper proposal due 9/30.

Assignment due in class 9/30.

(10/7,10/8) Computers and War (Self slides)

Reading for Monday 10/14:

(10/21,10/22) Community (Computers & Education slides)

Reading for Monday 10/28:

  • Papert, "Mathophobia..."
  • Fish, "The Two Cultures..."
  • Campbell, "Gender bias..." [ES 171-183]
  • Goodman, The Present...
  • Buber, "Education..."
  • Buber, "The Education of Character"

Second short paper due 10/28.

(11/4,11/5) Risks (Computers and Work slides)

Reading for Tuesday 11/12

  • Townsend, "Computers and .." [ES 184-190]
  • Pearson and Mitter, "Computerization..."

(11/18, 11/19) Security (Censorship slides)

Guest Lecture: Prof. Doug Tygar

Reading for Monday 11/25:

  • Goodman, "...Censorship.."

Honors term paper final version due 11/25.

(11/25, 11/26) Censorship and Free Speech (Professional Ethics slides)

Reading for Monday 12/2:

  • ACM, Code of Ethics [ES 23-31]
  • Anderson, "Using..." [ES 31-41]
  • Bok, "...Whistle-blowing..." [ES 47-54]
  • Hochheiser, "Workplace Database..."